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  • Professional battery products Low power lithium coin cells for use in memory back-up applications and small electronic devices have very high density and excellent rate capability. Wide operating temperature (-40 to 140F) and excellent shelf life (0.5% capacity loss per year at room temperature).…

  • Lasts up to twice as long as zinc-carbon batteries and provides an extra measure of leakage resistance for critical applications.

  • PROCELL INTENSE POWER Specifically engineered to deliver precise pulses of energy while lasting longer in high-drain professional devices* TURN PROFESSIONAL BATTERIES FROM A COST CENTER INTO A COST SAVER Procell understands how critical it is for professional end-users to drive the…

  • The precharged NiMH batteries with Power Preserve Technology delivers more capacity versus previous rechargeable batteries. They hold more charge and stays charged longer. Can be recharged hundreds of times. Out of package fully charged with Staycharged T

  • Professional battery products These popular batteries are primarily used in watches, thermometers, handheld games and calculators. Duracell® Silver Oxide, Alkaline and Lithium MnO2 batteries are priced and packaged exclusively for professional applications. All Duracell batteries are…

  • Offers long lasting power in everything from watches to handheld games and calculators.

  • Designed specifically for medical and electronic equipment. They provide optimum performance in applications such as glucose meters, pagers, penlights and TV remote controls.

  • Delivers outstanding performance and reliability.

  • Designed for small, professional devices such as security sensors, key FOBs, glucometers, and other related high-tech sensing devices and monitors. The redesigned anode, cathode and can deliver improved high drain and low drain performance compared to prior PROCELL® lithium coin batteries

  • Designed for professional end-users in the safety, security, smart home and medical markets. Primarily used to power various wireless sensors, LED flashlights, security cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Procell batteries are manufactured using superior cell design ensuring our…

  • Designed to provide long lasting, reliable power for the devices that you use most. Up to 10 year guarantee in storage.

  • Great for applications with high current pulse and continuous drain with a high-rate 3- and 6-volt lithium battery.

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