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Lauda Baths

  • An extremely high degree of temperature adjustment precision is achieved by using a high-precision thermostat and circulation pump. Settings for the temperature and timer can be easily input using the up and down keys, and the settings appear on a digital display. The BA/BK models are…

  • Efficiently traps water vapor and toxic substances discharged from vacuum oven and rotary evaporator to protect the vacuum pump Features Excellent choice to extract acid and organic solvents with the optional glass condenser Efficiently reduces vapor inhalation amount to the…

  • Large capacity 5L constant temperature water bath with internal diameter of f240 mm. Designed with flat-shaped bath with no heater or sensor inside for ease in cleaning. Temperature range: ambient +10~90°C. 100-115V. Large capacity 5L constant temperature water bath with internal diameter…

  • A powerful 3.9L closed circulation system with excellent cooling capacity designed to work with laboratory equipment such as rotary evaporators. Non-CFC R404 coolant used for refrigeration. Easy maintenance of air intake filter. Rotatable connector which can freely be moved and be set in the…

  • Powerful and water saving closed cooling system with excellent cooling capacity Features Environment friendly coolant used for refrigeration Waterproof touch panel with big LED display and sheet key for easier setting Less energy use and less cooling capacity loss by fixing the…

  • Compact design laboratory flask mixer features integrated drive and stirring seal allowing direct installation of flask and stirring in a vacuum and sealed state. No time-consuming shaft alignment required.  Its strong stirring power is perfect for samples of high volume and high viscosity. 

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