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Humboldt Baths Petroleum Testing Baths

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Lauda Baths

  • Lighter and smaller than H-1200 for field work, unit's micrometer adjusts for accurate settings as well as coarse adjustment for approximate settings. Only one additional 50g loading weight is included. Overall dim. 7" x 7" x 16" (178 x 178 x 406mm). Shipping wt. 8 lbs. (3.6kg)

  • Applications requiring 90° cones ASTM D217, D937 ASA Std. Z11.3

  • Penetrometers


    Universal Penetrometers Direct-reading instrument for precision penetration measurements of bituminous materials, cement, petrolatum and waxes, as well as food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. Unit has 5" diameter indicator dial, graduated in 400 divisions of 0.1mm, corresponding to 40mm…

  • ASTM D2884; Hollow 90° Magnesium cone and plunger, Total Cone wt. 30g.

  • Food, Paste, Paints; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; Aluminum. Hollow 90° Aluminum cone and tip, Wt. 35g.

  • Recovery of used grease. Small obtainable samples; ASTM D1403, 1/4 scale. (Not considered a substitute for full-size cone specified in ASTM D217.) Wt. 9.38g.

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