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  • Minimize accidental contamination in collection and transporting of specimens Swab stick is attached to cap with screw cap closure Length 5 3/4”; polystyrene tube 6”x 3/4” Can be transferred to tube of standard tubed media for culturing. Cap is color-coded…

  • Improve safety of specimen collection and reduce contamination Disposable combination of swab and transport tube, units are sterilized and individually packaged 6” swab with cotton tip is enclosed in clear polystyrene tube, 4” x 3/4” Swab stick held in…

  • The BD Sterile Pack Swab is a ready-to-use sterile swab in a pre-filled tube of rinse solution for surface and equipment sampling. Summary: Collection of samples from the same area before and after cleaning and/or treatment with a disinfectant permits the evaluation of the efficacy of the…

  • BBL™ CultureSwab™ Plus are sterile ready-to-use systems intended for the collection, transport and preservation of clinical specimens for bacteriological examination. Each BBL CultureSwab Plus unit is comprised of a sterile peel pouch containing a rayon-tipped swab applicator used to…

  • These sterile Falcon brand cotton- and polyester-tipped applicators are for sample collection and transport, and for sanitary equipment and environmental control studies in facilities such as hospitals, food processing plants, restaurants, etc.

  • For use with transport of broth media 6” long applicator with polyester fiber tip Sterile, individually wrapped in peel-apart package.

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