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Mettler Toledo Analytical Balances

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  • MS-TS Analytical Balances

    Mettler Toledo

    The built-in security features on MS-TS analytical balances ensure results are always valid. Operators receive a warning if any problems are encountered or tolerances are not adhered to. Corrective actions can be taken immediately, avoiding costly reworking later. LevelControl, MinWeigh and…

  • Immediate Results - Lasting Value Weighing in 16 different units Taring over the entire weighing range Applications include Piece counting, Percent weighing, Free factor, Statistics, Formulation, and Totaling Works in different languages such as German, English, French, Spanish,…

  • Reliable Results for Years to Come Unique performance XPE Analytical Balances use StaticDetect™ and static elimination technology coupled with an improved SmartGrid weighing pan give you trustable, highly repeatable results. The innovative StatusLight™ balance ready indicator…

  • ML-T Analytical Balances

    Mettler Toledo

    Results You Can Rely On With ever-increasing demands on your time and resources, such as those from ISO, GLP and GMP, you need a balance which can support your everyday tasks and keep you on the right track. With a high-performance weighing cell, integrated security features and user…

  • The XPR Analytical Balances, succesor to the XPE Analytical Balances, delivers ultimate weighing performance and a range of intelligent quality assurance functions that fulfill the most stringent requirements. You can depend on XPR to deliver right-first-time results. The patented…

  • Weighing table for XPR/XSR analytical/micro.

  • Drip pan in gray for better visibility of light colored powders and stains for XPR/XSR analytical balances.

  • Flexible Bluetooth Connectivity. Bluetooth USB adaptor for XPR/XSR balances. Seamless Integration Connect easily XPR/XSR balances with printers or other peripherals over Bluetooth Quick installation and configuration Effortless Plug and Play process, peripherals are automatically…

  • The XPR Micro-Analytical Balances, successor to the XPE Micro-Analytical Balances, offer capacity up to 52 g and boast a minimum weight of 1.4 mg (according to USP). This allows for small samples to be conveniently weighed out into larger containers or labware of different sizes - simplifying the…

  • SmartScan

    Mettler Toledo

    Fast and Secure Data Recognition. RFID module for direct integration into titrator systems with InMotion autosamplers for XPR analytical balances RFID Titration Application Securely transfer titration sample information from the balance to the titrator. Integrated Workflows Only…

  • SmartGrid Cover Pan

    Mettler Toledo

    Thomas No. 1141R57 A cover for the SmartGrid weighing pan for XPR/XSR analytical balance. Thomas No. 1141R58 A cover for the SmartGrid weighing pan for XPR Micro-analytical balance.

  • USB Barcode Reader

    Mettler Toledo

    1-D Barcode Scanner compatible with XPR/XSR, MS-TS, ML-T, ME-TE.

  • ME-T Analytical Balances

    Mettler Toledo

    Designed to meet your essential needs Designed to meet your essential needs, it offers a reliable, high performance weighing cell and a large, intuitive 4.5'' color TFT touch screen as well as three interface connections for easy data handling. It is the perfect choice for day-to-day…

  • Transportation case for XPR/XSR analytical/micro.

  • Protective Covers

    Mettler Toledo

    Protect your terminal The cover protects your balance terminal from dust, dirt, and fluids. Convenient operation The cover does not interfere with visibility or operation of the terminal. Keep the balance clean When not in use, the full cover protects the balance from dust and dirt.

  • Easy and Secure In less than four minutes you can easily prepare accurate standard and sample solutions, fully labeled and traceable, with comprehensive SOP user guidance and your results printed in a personalized report. Preparing a standard solution is a critical procedure in many laboratories…

  • Thomas No. 1141R47 Small evaporation trap for accurate pipette testing to use on XPR/XSR Analytical Balances. Thomas No. 1141R48 Evaporation trap for accurate pipette testing to use on XPR/XSR Analytical Balances. Thomas No. 1141R49 Large evaporation trap for accurate pipette…

  • Filter Weighing Kit

    Mettler Toledo

    Used to determine the weight of filters.

  • Used to determine the weight of filters.

  • Thomas No. 1141R60 Right Draft shield door with slot for the LV12 feeder for XPR/XSR Analytical balances. Thomas No. 1141R61 Left Draft shield door with slot for the LV12 feeder for XPR/XSR Analytical balances .  

  • The XSR Analytical Balances, successor to the XS Analytical Balances, deliver high weighing accuracy and provide convenient features that allow the operator to fulfill weighing workflows seamlessly. Features, such as SmartGrid weighing pan, automated doors, and the results protocol, simplify your…

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