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  • Agarose Tablets


    Bioline Agarose Tablets are molecular grade and used for size-based separation of nucleic acids in agarose gel electrophoresis applications. Product Highlights High quality – certified DNase/RNase-free for analysis and recovery of DNA and RNA in all routine applications …

  • IBI Molecular Biology grade Low Melt Agarose is commonly used as a gel matrix when fragment recovery after electrophoresis is desired. It can also be used for preparing large DNA samples for plugs. Store at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Light Sensitive. LMP Agarose gels may be…

  • Specialty Agarose


    Benchmark’s specialty agarose is the perfect choice when resolving small DNA/RNA fragments, isolating nucleic acids from gels or performing in-gel manipulations. Available in three grades, LM, HR and 3:1, it will meet all your electrophoretic needs. Agarose LM – this low melt…

  • Eliminates weighing Fast dissolving, just two minutes Environmentally friendly, free from organic solvents Consistent, reproducible gels Enhanced resolution and clarity Researchers trust Agarose LE to meet their electrophoretic needs for a variety of applications. Now the same…

  • IBI Molecular Biology Grade Agarose is highly refined and highly purified. Each lot is physically tested and verified for performance in its designated application. IBI applies strict testing parameters to ensure lot-to-lot consistancy. Store at room temperature. Protect from moisture. Light…

  • Agarose, Ultra Sieve

    IBI Scientific

    IBI Ultra Sieve Agarose is designed for molecular screening that provides high resolution electrophoresis of small DNA fragments and PCR products. Ultra Sieve agarose improves clarity of gels and enhances visualization, even at high concentrations. For best results, Ultra Sieve gels should be…

  • Axygen® Agarose LE Is a low electroendosmosis agarose is suitable for analytical and preparative electrophoresis of nucleic acids. Axygen® Agarose LM Is a low melting gel allows for the recovery of undamaged nucleic acids below their denaturation temperature. Axygen®…

  • Agarose, 3:1 Super Sieve

    IBI Scientific

    IBI 3:1 Super-Sieve Agarose is designed to have a larger gel network than IBI Ultra Sieve and is recommended for use in the separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1500bp. Gels made with 3:1 Super Sieve have a higher gel strength than competitive products. The gel is exceptionally firm, but still…

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