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  • 8-Strip Tubes

    Individually capped design reduces chances of sample contamination by allowing users to fill a tube and then close it. Customizable strips easily split into smaller sections. Angularly attached caps prevent cap lids and hinges from interfering with each other, allowing for easier operation in…

  • Axygen® PCR Strip Tubes


    Axygen PCR tubes are ideal for standard and real-time PCR applications. Our strip and individual tubes feature thin walls for precise thermal transfer and tight-fitting caps for a leakproof seal. Choose from a variety of configurations and cap styles. Strip Tubes with Attached Caps: …

  • Optically Clear Cap Strips for Real Time PCR, Caps, flat, optically clear,…


    These strips of 8 caps are ideal for all thermal cycling applications, including Real Time PCR. They are easy to apply and fit all ThermoGrid 96 well plates.

  • Phenix 8-Strip PCR Tubes & Dome Caps

    Phenix Research Products

    8 Strip 0.2ml PCR Tubes, with Dome Strip Caps, 125 Strips/unit, Natural, Certified RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • 8-Strip PCR Tubes

    Certified RNase, DNase and Pyrogen Free.

  • Amplifyt™ PCR Split-Strip Tubes With Attached Caps

    labForce (a Thomas Scientific Brand)

  • 8-Strip Tubes with Individually-Attached Caps

    Angularly attached caps prevent cap lids and hinges from interfering with each other, allowing for easier operation in an SBS format rack. Robust interwell linkages make the tubes rigid, decreasing the chance of spillage. Unique two-material manufacturing creates the perfect environment for…

  • Strip Caps

    Available in 8- or 12-strip, dome or flat. Available in a variety of colors.

  • 8-Strip Flat Caps

    Fits: MPX-96M2, MPX-96SG and MPX-PCR96-HS.

  • Combination Packs: Strip Tubes with Strip Caps

    Strip Tube & Cap Combo Packs. Ultra thin-wall PCR tubes in strips of 8 and 12. Manufactured with virgin, medical grade polypropylene — no background signal during qPCR. Standard and Low-Profile wells. Strips of flat or dome caps. Optically-clear caps for (real time)…

  • Corning® 96 Well Polyethylene Cluster Tube 8-Cap Strips, 12 Strips per Bag,…


    Polyethylene 8-cap strips are designed to fit 1.2mL cluster tubes and cluster tube strips.

  • 8-Strip Caps

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    Suitable for use with 96-well PCR plates as well as standard and low profile strip tubes Flat caps have labeled end tabs for strip orientation and removal QPCR strip caps are made from specially formulated clear polypropylene and have ultra-clear, highly polished surface. Ideal…

  • 8-Strip Dome Caps

    For MPX-435 and MPX PCR Plates, Certified RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Zipperstrip 8 Strip PCR Tubes

    Phenix Research Products

    Zipperstrip 8 Strip PCR Tubes w/attached 8 Strip caps, 125 Strips/Unit, Certified Free of RNase/DNase, DNA and Pyrogens.

  • 8-Strip Tubes with Hinged Caps

    Strips of hinged attached caps enable quicker liquid handling and more efficient scale up. Optically clear caps for real-time PCR (qPCR). Uniform thin walls. Certified free of detectable RNase DNase, DNA, PCR inhibitors, and tested pyrogen-free.

  • QPCR Strip Caps

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

  • 8-Strip Dome Caps for PCR Plates

    Fits MPS-499. Not recommended for MPS-3580/MPS-3590.

  • Phenix 8-Strip PCR Tubes & Flat Caps

    Phenix Research Products

    Clear 8 Strip 0.2ml QPCR Tubes, with Flat Optically Clear Strip Caps, 125 Strips/unit, Certified RNase, DNase and Pyrogen free.

  • Strip Tubes

    Thermo Scientific Pierce

    Thomas No. 1207H57 Thin wall design for rapid heat transfer Compatible with standard 0.2mL thermal cycler blocks Can be cut into individual tubes Thomas No. 1207H59 Designed to reduce dead space and prevent condensation on side wall Maximum Volume: 150…

  • Rotorgene 4 Strip Tubes

    Conical Bottom (0.7ml working volume), Non Sterile, Certified RNase, DNase Free, Nonpyrogenic.

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