labForce® Mixers, Shakers, and Rotators

labForce® provides a wide selection of equipment for you laboratory's mixing and shaking needs.

Tap Dancer Mini Tube Vortex Mixer

Compact, with low profile and small footprint.

  • Pressure sensitive cup
  • Continuous or touch operation
  • Rubber suction pads prevent walking, absorb vibration
  • Low voltage supply for safe cold room use
Orbital Shaker

Optimal for mixing bottles, flasks and beakers due to the smooth horizontal motion.

Orbital shakers move at a slow speed in a circular motion to slowly shake cultures, mix, and in a laboratory setting. Orbital shakers do not vibrate on countertops and do not produce heat, making them perfect for culturing sensitive microbes. labForce® orbital shakers are designed to save space and even fit inside incubators.

Mini Tube Rotators

Small footprint for your bench – we know you need all the space you can get!

Ideal for Molecular Biology, Histochemistry and Clinical applications.

Microplate Shaker

Reliable, regulated shaking for two microplates

Simple screw attachments allow quick and easy fitting of any standard depth 96- or 384-well plates, holding the plates securely in place.

Variable Speed Mini Orbitron™ Nutating Mixers

Provides gentle continuous mixing of specimens in a variety of blood tubes, centrifuge tubes, glass vials or plates.

Tube Rotator

labForce®'s Laboratory Tube Rotator is ideal for Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Clinical applications. Provides gentle or vigorous mixing. Supplied with a carousel for 14 x 50mL tubes.

Mini Magnetic Stirrers

An economical solution made for ultimate function

The Mini Magnetic Stirrer by labForce® is an economical solution made for ultimate function with optimal magnetic coupling to ensure dependable stirring efficiency.