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Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

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Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer

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  • Random access and direct reading system
  • 8 channel automatic washing system for both sample and reagent probe
  • Liquid level detection and collision protection for both sample and reagent probe, with teflon coating and automatic washing station
  • Reliable cooling system for reagent chamber - Peltier pad
  • Powerful reaction cuvette washing system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Barcode scanner (optional)
  • Reagent Tray
    • 80 reagent positions for FACA-601.
    • Cooling reagent chamber may work independently for 24 hours.
  • Sample Tray
  • 80 reagent positions for FACA-601.
  • Either high quality UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes or quartz glass cuvettes available.
  • 2 mixers for FACA-601.
  • 1 sample probe and 1 reagent probes for FACA-601.
  • With liquid-level sensor, anti-collision sensor and automatic cleaning function.
  • Cuvette
  • Independent Mixer
  • Sample Probe/Reagent Probe
  • ISE Module is provided with the unit.
  • Cuvette Washing Station - 8 channels automatic washing station, 1 for detergent wash (connect deteregnt bottle), 2-6 channels wash by water,  7 channel for first empty, 8 channel for final empty
  • Independent Mixer - ensuring quick and complete reaction.
  • Reaction Cuvette - High quality, UV-transmitted plastic cuvettes, or quartz glass cuvettes (optional).
  • Reagent Bottle - More convenient and economical ready-to-use reagent kits.
  • LIS software optional - must be purchased separately
  • Water consumption: <25 L/hr
  • Reads serum and urine samples
  • Water incubation temperature control: ±0.5°
  • Absorbance alert provided when the Absorbance is abnormal
  • Works with Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • Enzyme Kinetic GPT GOT tests.
  • All FACA Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzers have 2 different sample plates:
    1. Standard sample plate for use with serum cup (serum order)
    2. Test tube sample plate for use with 13x75 - 13x100mm test tubes (that is optional)

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Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
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Fully Automatic Chemistry Analyzer with Electrolyte Tester, 760 Test per Hour
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