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Thomas Scientific has partnered with Angstrom Technology, an industry leading modular cleanroom designer and builder, to provide a one-stop destination for all your cleanroom needs. Angstrom Technology has designed and built hundreds of cleanrooms of all ISO classifications that range in size from 100 square feet up to 50,000 square feet. This unique partnership gives our customers the opportunity to combine the unparalleled Thomas Scientific experience with top-notch critical environment design and construction capabilities.

Featuring modular HardWall, SoftWall, and RigidWall systems, our team has a product to fit any cleanroom requirement. Our solutions are built in place cleanly and efficiently, and upgrade your manufacturing production area in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction projects. Our partnership offers full turnkey design and construction capabilities including disciplines such as architectural, HVAC, and electrical. This capability makes the cleanroom process simple and carefree allowing our customers to focus on their business.

The Thomas Scientific – Angstrom Technology team has extensive experience in all relevant market segments including BioPharma, Medical Device, Microelectronics, Aerospace, Defense, Critical Optics, and Industrial manufacturers and researchers.

Angstrom Technology’s industry leading capabilities in cleanroom design and construction aligned with Thomas Scientific’s unparalleled cleanroom consumables and furniture product offering and customer service provide a one-stop cleanroom destination like none other in the industry.

Contact your Thomas Scientific – Angstrom Technology team member today by completing our simple cleanroom questionnaire below, and rest assured that you are on the path to a successful cleanroom project!


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What people are saying about the Thomas Scientific and Angstrom Technology team:

"I could not have asked for better people to guide us through this process. It was a lot of work for sure but you were always prompt, helpful, and kind!"

Dennis Heuer, RPh
Director of Pharmacy Services, IV Solutions

"They provide timely quotes, quick responses to any technical questions or concerns and regular updates on shipments."

Brent W.
Facilities Manager, Medical Device Industry

"We are satisfied with the results and thank you for your efforts on our behalf."

Gary F.
Senior Facilities Manager, Automotive Industry

"We so appreciate you, and I smile when I see that your standards have remained steadfast."

Wanda R.
National Director, Pharmaceutical Industry

"They are extremely professional, responsive and reliable. We rely on their expertise in solving existing maintenance issues as well their quality of workmanship for our new facilities."

Kay C.
Sr. Project Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

"One of the nicest rooms I've seen in my 23 years of certifying compounding cleanrooms."

Bill B.
Cleanroom Certifier, Prevention Services

"Just want you to know what a great job Brian does for your company and ours. Through the entire project, he works nonstop, long hours, and ALWAYS goes out of this way to make sure we're happy. Thank you for assigning him to our project."

George B.
Senior Director, Operations

"It was a pleasure to work with you and your team. I'm very satisfied with how it all turned out. Job well done."

Jason S.
Manufacturing Engineer, Automotive Industry

"Thank you for the expedient responsiveness regarding the cleanroom contamination."

Chuck R.
President, Technology Industry

"It is my great pleasure to recommend your company. Anytime!"

Mitchell S.
Director of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Industry

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