Improve Your Supply Chain Operations with An Effective Inventory Management Solution

While working hard to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being, many organizations in the forefront of the fight against COVID-19 have been experiencing additional stress on their supply chain operations. Social distancing measures have resulted in many third-party suppliers no longer conducting site visits to track inventory. This is a major challenge because if your inventory levels are no longer properly tracked, your organization ends up dealing with inaccurate inventory counts, uncertainty in shipment and fulfillment capabilities, and ultimately, lost revenue.

To help overcome this challenge, we’re offering access to our inventory management experts through a new vendor managed inventory program, Thomas Inventory Management Solutions (TIMS).

Benefits of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)


Transitioning your current inventory management services from a third-party service to a vendor managed model is one of the best ways your organization can improve supply chain operations. You reduce the number of external people visiting your sites to help prevent the spread of the virus while not putting a halt in your workflow or inventory management operations. With vendor managed inventory, vendors can monitor their customer’s inventory and sales levels to avoid under or over stocking. VMI gives vendors more control over the inventory process and alleviates the customer of some associated responsibilities and costs. Both parties benefit when vendors can focus more on improving inefficiencies, creating lean manufacturing, and achieving seamless deliveries.

Thomas Inventory Management Solutions (TIMS)


Thomas Scientific has partnered with hundreds of customers to provide best-in-class vendor managed inventory programs with you in mind. TIMS leverages best-in-class Clear Spider cloud-based inventory management software that gives clients access to real-time information providing more visibility in the supply chain reducing risk and improving inventory management. Our cloud-based mobile app provides enhanced user experience while lowering maintenance and management costs.

We offer various level programs to suit your needs:

  • Level 1: Products delivered to Dock or Staging Area
  • Level 2: Stockroom Management and De-trashing Service
  • Level 3: Point-of-Use, Gown Room Management, De-trashing Service
  • On-site Service: On-site Materials Management, Gown Room Management, De-trashing Service
  • Integrated Services: Specialized Services, Warehouse Management, Kitting Service


No matter how you are currently tracking inventory, our experts can help. Discover the infographic linked below to see how a VMI solution can enhance your operation.




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