Heidolph - Redefining Evaporation

For years Heidolph has been redefining Rotary Evaporation. Collaborating with researchers, Heidolph designed a new generation of rotary evaporators - but what separates the Hei-VAP Series from the rest?

Heidolph's Hei-VAP Series includes three models with superior ease of use, premium quality materials, and uniquely designed features to overcome any chemical or pharmaceutical challenge.

Illuminating Features - The touch screen display provides easy access to a timer, limitation of maximum temperature, and multilingual menu. LED ring lights and pictogram display allows for clear viewing of activity, even from across the lab.

All Your Favorites in One Place –The Solvent Library comes pre-set with various customizable processes and solvents. Add and customize favorite solvents easily from the control panel.

High-Class Protection - The use of glass-bead strengthened materials makes the intuitive control panel, with excellent dimensional, chemical, and thermal stability. For the protection of electronics, the control panel complies with IP 42.

All in the Details - The patented Easy-Clip flask clamp makes inserting and changing evaporation flasks significantly easier. Tightly sitting ground joints can be easily separated by an innovative mechanism to prevent glass breakage - without the need for any additional equipment to be lost. Unlike other rotary evaporators, the patented clamping sleeve alleviates any glass on metal connections and allows removing and cleaning the vapor tube a simple task. Stuck vapor tubes? That's so Yesterday.

Command Center - Centrally control all process parameters including vacuum, cooling temperature, rotation, and heating bath temperature with optional control box option.

High Capacity, Small Space - Compared to other vertical condensers of the same height, the XL condenser facilitates 57% more condensing surface. The extra surface space allows you to achieve up 40% higher evaporation rates.

Heidolph North America's goal is to give our customers the ability to focus on their research. Accomplishing this is achieved by providing the best in class service and support for solution-oriented equipment. Heidolph specializes in both benchtop and industrial rotary evaporation, making distillation more efficient, and in turn, allowing you, the researcher, to focus on the research.

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