Labcon's SuperClear® centrifuge tubes offer the highest standard quality and performance

SuperClear® Tubes are made of a thick, durable, medical-grade resin that withstands breakage and allows these tubes to spin at g-forces up to 233% greater than other tubes.

SuperClear TubesBuy One Get One Free Until the End of the Year! Click HERE to download the flier for more details.

Clarity: Made from an ultra-clear non-cytotoxic medical grade resin that allows you see sample volume and color easily. These tubes feature highly visible printed graduations for easy filling and sample preparation.

Durability: Engineered with thick, durable walls for ultra high-speed centrifugation. SuperClear® tubes consistently out-perform other brands.

Reliability: Our patented, extra large writing panel is the largest on the market and transparent to easily view your sample through your label. This writing panel is also smear-resistant for permanent coding and won’t wear off when inserting and removing your tube from the centrifuge rotor.

Security: Leak resistant SuperClear® 15mL and 50mL flat caps feature a molded-in sealing ring that keeps your closed tubes completely secure. These caps are ideal for vortexing chemicals and long rocker incubations.

Sustainability: Designed for maximum product recyclability and manufactured in a solar powered facility with unique waste-free molding machines. Tube graphics and graduations are printed with UV cured inks, which significantly reduces the emissions of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Offered in reusable and recyclable racks.

SuperClear® Caps: Caps feature precise vertical ridges for “easy grip” ergonomic handling, even with gloves. The low profile cap design allows for tubes to be easily stored in racks without overcrowding. Available in Flat Cap and Plug Cap styles

Versatile Packaging Options: Labcon's SuperClear® centrifuge tubes are available in packaging styles for all your needs. All of our sterile products use medical-grade packaging and are sterilized to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6 using a validated ISO 11137-2 process with a clearly labeled lot number and sterile expiration date. For the highest level of packaging integrity, we offer our NEW sterile IntegraPack and Individually Wrapped sterile tubes.

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