FastTrackTM UV/VIS spectroscopy – speed up your measurements

Schwerzenbach, Switzerland – October 2015 –
METTLER TOLEDO announces a completely new spectroscopic instrument line, UV/VIS Excellence

The new UV/VIS Excellence product portfolio includes four models that provide outstanding optical performance: UV5, UV7, UV5Bio and UV5Nano. Spectroscopic workflows are optimized thanks to FastTrack™ technology, which ensures speedy and reliable measurements within a very compact Notepad-size footprint. Trustworthy spectroscopic performance is combined with intuitive and efficient One Click™ operation. The UV5 provides simplicity in UV/VIS spectroscopy with easy direct measurement applications. The UV7 performance complies with strict EU and US Pharmacopeia requirements and provides advanced automation possibilities. The UV5Bio is the ideal instrument for Life Science UV/VIS applications that are based on cuvette measurement. With the UV5Nano, precious sample is saved and wide concentration ranges are reliably measured with only 1 mL of sample thanks to the innovative LockPathTM technology.

FastTrackTM UV/VIS technology

The new UV/VIS Excellence instruments from METTLER TOLEDO integrate robust, state-of-the-art components into a unique spectroscopic system design: FastTrack UV/VIS technology, which comprises modern fiber optics in combination with array detection and a Xenon flash lamp. A full spectrum scan is performed within just 1 second. Instrument specifications are compliant with Pharmacopeia regulations; stray light and accuracy requirements are even exceeded. A robust design ensures measurement stability and contributes to result accuracy and repeatability. No warm up time is needed for the Xenon flash lamp to reach stability so the instrument is always ready to use. As the lamp is only used for actual measurements, its lifetime is greatly increased.

Optimized workflow

Spectrum scans, fixed wavelength absorption, quantification with calibration curves or kinetic analyses are ready to use as direct measurements. Simply enter parameters, define the workflow, store as a shortcut and start the measurement with One Click. Or choose one of the predefined, industry- specific METTLER TOLEDO methods for an immediate start.

As easy as it gets

UV/VIS Excellence instruments include the One Click user interface, an easy and intuitive way to run tasks right from the terminal. A large, seven inch high-resolution terminal provides clear color representation of spectra and results at a glance. The user is always securely guided by step-by-step instructions. UV/VIS spectroscopy has never been so quick to learn and easy to use. 

Minimize sample, maximize performance on the UV5Nano

Micro-volume UV/VIS measurement is the method of choice for small sample amounts or high absorption samples. On the UV5Nano, only 1 µL of the pure sample is pipetted onto the glass surface and LockPath™ technology makes sure that the available path lengths of 0.1 and 1 mm are accurately defined. Measurement errors are avoided and wide concentration ranges can be measured without further dilutions. This along with measurement completion within 2 seconds per path length saves much precious time.

Streamline the UV/VIS workflow with LabX UV/VIS PC Software

LabX® UV/VIS PC software expands the UV/VIS Excellence instrument with a comprehensive graphical editor for spectra evaluation, advanced automation possibilities, as well as enhanced data analysis and management possibilities fully compliant with 21 CFR part 11/EU annex 11. Beyond this LabX fosters seamless UV/VIS instrument integration into a METTLER TOLEDO based instrument network.

Mettler Toledo UV/VIS Excellence Spectrophotometers

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