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FFP2 masks are designed to provide a secure fit for your face, while also being comfortable and breathable. They have passed all relevant safety tests in order to meet WHO requirements as well!

It's easy to see why FFP2 respirators are some of the most popular masks on today’s market! These flexible, durable pieces offer both comfort and protection. One layer is made from melt-blown fabric while another contains non-woven material which allows for breathability - no more sweat or irritation when you wear this mask during long periods at work (or play). The final component includes an inner skin-friendly layer that absorbs moisture released by your mouth into its own body; giving users peace knowing they're not going about their day without wearing anything too uncomfortable.

The bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) is typically around 98%. The particular filter-throughput ratio — PFE at 0.3 microns—averages out to 99% according with ASTM F 2209 / 2301 - 03(2017). This means that only 1 out of 10,000 cells will pass through the field on average. It also enables us to achieve a high level of safety for our patients as synthetic blood does not interfere or affect any test results when tested by themselves without wearing personal protective equipment during hazardous chemical exposure situations. For those who want even higher levels than this, we also offer penetration by synthetic blood tests that show 100%. These results are all available at a 120mmHg pressure setting.

Use these masks to protect yourself when going into crowded public places or enclosed spaces. They are perfect for all users, whether you're in private settings like hospitals and airports; at work (like construction sites); on vacation abroad with friends/family members who live there too!

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