Sustainability: Become an Eco-Warrior by Choosing the Best Tips

As a whole, the scientific community is becoming more conscious and taking an increased interest in creating less laboratory waste to protect the environment. Laboratory waste generally comes in the form of plastic: it’s prevalent in consumables, lab equipment, and even the majority of packaging. Can you remember a time that something didn’t come wrapped in plastic?

Here at Biotix, we care about sustainability, and we pride ourselves on putting in the time and effort to minimize waste wherever possible. One-time use laboratory consumables are essential to scientific research, but we are making them with less plastic and superior quality. Biotix pipette tips and tip racks are produced with 30% less plastic than your typical pipette tip. You might wonder whether this makes the tips and racks less durable. Rest assured, the days of associating heavy plastics with quality are truly over. Biotix tips and racks are of the finest quality, yet we use fewer resources to create a recyclable product. Because our pipette tips use less plastic than competitor tips, researcher are able to continue using and disposing of tips at the same rate while still reducing their environmental footprint.

Biotix tip racks are designed to be reloaded again and again. By switching to either our Tip Eject or CleanPak reload systems, one scientist can prevent up to 1,200 lbs of plastic from going to the landfill each year compared to typical pre-racked tips! Both of our reload options are convenient, easy to use, and can turn any scientist into an eco-warrior. Not all eco-warriors wear capes : some wear lab coats!

When it comes to being environmentally conscientiousness, Biotix also outcompetes other tip producers with the manufacturing of our tips and racks. Our commitment to Six Sigma—a data-driven approach for eliminating defects—and lean improvements lead to fewer defects, less waste, and better use of our planet’s resources.

Our environmentally-conscious approach is reducing the amount of plastic entering landfills all around the world.

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