Adam Equipment’s Newest Balances Deliver Precision Results and an Exceptional User Experience

Adam Equipment has added two new balance ranges to its selection of lab products — the Equinox and the Solis. Available in semi-micro, analytical and precision models, these balances provide lab professionals with the features needed for a variety of applications. A unique offering in both the Equinox and Solis range are models with 410g and 510g capacities and a readability of 0.1mg. These models provide an exceptional value of high capacity and analytical readability.


Offering superb precision, Equinox is Adam’s most advanced line of balances to date. Available in a wide selection of semi-micro, analytical and precision models, the Equinox series offers capacities up to 8,200g.

A color touchscreen display provides intuitive operation, with icon-driven menus and readily accessible applications and functions. The five-inch screen is generously sized, with 800 by 480 pixel resolution for excellent visibility. Users can customize the display by choosing one of five color presets to change the appearance of the buttons. You also can select black or white for the background of your display.

The Equinox is designed with a formulation and recipe function and a 3,000-item database. This allows users to store and recall ingredients, sample weights and checkweight limits.

The Equinox includes a USB interface that accommodates a memory card, so it’s easy to save results.


With a high-resolution graphic display and intuitive features, the Solis is an outstanding choice to simplify complex lab weighing tasks. Solis is ideal for use in research and quality assurance labs; science education; precision counting; and production and manufacturing applications.

Available in a wide selection of models, the Solis series offers capacities up to 8,200g. Dual range, semi-micro models boast capacities of 120g and 220g.

Data is readily visible on the amply sized graphic display. Multilingual capability facilitates use in various regions, while easily recognizable icons help to keep the weighing process flowing smoothly. To prevent overloads, users can easily monitor available and used balance capacity by observing the tracker located prominently on the left side of the display.

The Solis keypad features easy-to-read buttons and helpful navigation arrows. Formulation is simple, and the Solis stores up to 99 ingredients for fast recall. Memory accumulation totals results, while the hold function freezes the displayed weight, allowing time to elapse without losing the results.

An audible alarm makes checkweighing speedy and smooth, and parts counting is simple with preset sample sizes. Other applications include percentage weighing, dynamic/animal weighing, accumulation, and density determination.


Models in both the Equinox and Solis ranges with 1mg readability and better have draft shields with sliding glass doors. This boosts accuracy by minimizing breezes and reducing static electrical interference with the balance. Selectable digital filtering decreases the effects of vibration and disturbances.

External calibration is available on Equinox and Solis ranges, allowing verification and adjustment with weights. Certain models feature internal calibration.

Printouts provided by both the Solis and the Equinox balances include date and time, essential for traceability and data tracking within Good Laboratory Practice guidelines. An RS-232 interface is included on the balances for speedy connection to computers and printers.

Both Solis and Equinox balances incorporate security features to provide added protection for your investment. Security password control requires authorization before the balance can be accessed, ensuring settings remain unchanged. To help prevent theft, these balances feature a slot that accommodates an optional Kensington-type lock and cable.

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About Adam Equipment

For more than 45 years, Adam Equipment has designed and manufactured precision balances and scales for professionals worldwide in the laboratory, medical, education, industrial, food, animal/veterinary and jewelry markets. Adam is committed to offering an extensive selection of weighing equipment with best-in-class value. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the company has strategically established offices in the United States, South Africa, Australia, China and Germany to provide product support and speedy delivery to distributors.

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