Request a Pall Minimate EVO system demo

Use the recently updated Minimate™ EVO TFF System and Capsules to Streamline Laboratory-Scale Concentration, Desalting, and Buffer Exchange Processes in a simple to use plug-n-play benchtop configuration to process samples upto 1 L or more down to as little as 5 mL.


Applications include:

  • Concentrate and desalt proteins, peptides, or nucleic acids (DNA, RNA, oligonucleotides)
  • Recover antibodies or recombinant proteins from clarified cell culture media
  • Process metal sensitive enzymes and molecules
  • Separate (fractionate) large from small biomolecules
  • Concentrate viruses or gene therapy vectors
  • Prepare samples prior to column chromatography
  • Concentrate samples after gel filtration
  • Depyrogenate water, buffers, and media solutions

Pall® Minimate™ EVO TFF System Demo Request