MUNKTELL has a 200 year tradition of analytical filter paper excellence and is a leading global manufacturer of laboratory filtration products. Today, our team of chemists and technicians work in harmony to insure continuous quality management from pulp to paper at each of our manufacturing locations. Raw materials and water quality, both critical components in the paper making process, are closely monitored for every grade of Munktell paper.

Munktell filter circles are made only in Sweden and Germany . Our microglass circles contain only biologically inert, highest purity, borosilicate microglass fibers. As a result, Munktell microglass circles are resistant to most solvents and reagents with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and highly concentrated alkali solutions. The microglass fibers used in Munktell filter circles are “fine-tuned” to the particle retention and flow requirements of the analytical challenge solution. For Example, Munktell Grade MGF circles employ the finest diameter fibers for the highest fine-particle filtration efficiency, whereas the fibers used in Grade MGD are thicker to give the lab technician faster filtration rates where fine particle capture is not quite as critical.

Munktell offers six grades of binder-free, microglass circles with particle retention in liquids ranging from 0.7µm to 2.7 µm. In addition, Munktell also offers a binder-free grade that has been pre-heated to 550 degrees C to stabilize the fiber matrix and all but eliminate “extractables” from Grade 550-HA, widely used in testing waste water for total suspended solids. Grade 550-HA Circles are available in 26 standard circle and sheet sizes. Custom sizes upon request.

Munktell is much more than microglass circles. Munktell also offers: