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Azenta Life Sciences

Perception™ HD LF Rapid Rack Reader for Legacy Cryo Racks

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Gain clarity with the Perception HD LF

  • Speed, reliable reading, and greater flexibility
  • Compatible with all 2D-barcoded tubes in legacy Cryo racks and SBS-format racks
  • Total read time for a whole rack is just 0.75 seconds
  • Features FluidX Active Cryoprotection® system
  • Option of integrated USB Linear 1D Barcode Reader


Now featuring an HD camera for more reliable reading of broad range of tube types.

Our range of single-tube and whole-rack sample tube readers are the result of over 15 years of continuous development and innovation, bringing the best products, with the most useful features, to the sample storage market.

Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo whole rack reader has a proven track record as part of sample storage and tracking systems, for applications including biobanks, compound libraries and other high-throughput storage environments.

The Perception HD LF Rapid Legacy Cryo whole rack 2D & 1D barcode reader offers fast identification of racked, 2D-barcoded sample storage tubes, without the need to remove tubes from racks.

Compact, very fast whole rack scanner for legacy cryo racks and SBS-format racks of 2D data matrix barcode labeled sample storage tubes, ideal when speed of decoding and small size of reader are important.

Supplied with Active Cryoprotection® system and integrated USB Linear 1D Barcode Reader. Option available: Integrated USB Linear 1D Barcode Reader for automatic and simultaneous reading of rack 1D barcodes.

Given the variety of 2D-barcoded tubes on the market, Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo is designed and developed with broad compatibility in mind. Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo can read any 2D barcoded sample tube currently on the market, not only those supplied by FluidX.

Perception Rapid SBS is supplied with a 5-year warranty.

Key Features

Compatible with any 2D-Barcoded Tubes in Legacy Cryo Racks

  • All FluidX Perception whole rack scanners are compatible with all FluidX sample storage tubes as well as most other 2D data matrix barcoded tubes, including those supplied by Greiner, Matrix, Nunc and Micronic
  • Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo will quickly scan tubes in 14x14, 10x10, 9x9 or 5x5 format legacy cryo rack formats Operates without compromise to sample temperatures of -20°C

Maximum Flexibility, Compatible with SBS-format Racks

  • Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo can also read 2D-barcoded sample tubes in 24, 48, 96 and 240-format SBS racks

Better Speed

  • Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo rack readers will present decoded data for a complete rack of 96 tubes in only 0.75 seconds
  • Other readers measure speed in terms of grab time, capture time or decode time at Azenta Life Sciences, we believe the real measure of speed is the amount of time it takes from pressing “scan” to receiving the decoded data

Dependable Decoding

  • FluidX Perception whole rack scanners are the result of more than 15 years of continuous innovation and development
  • The FluidX team were involved in developing the very first 2D-barcoded sample storage tubes

Wide Range of Data Output Options

  • Simple and intuitive Graphical User Interface, results can be viewed directly or integrated with other applications
  • Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo can output data to common LIMS-compatible files, such as text, TCP/IP, CSV and Excel
  • Integration with database applications can easily be achieved via ODBC

Easily Integrated into Automated Systems

  • Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo features TCP/IP Winsock connectivity for remote control of the reader functions for integration into robotic and liquid handling work cells
  • Incorporates a gripper cut-out section around the scanning window to provide easy robotic access and handling of shallow racks

Additional Sample Security

  • FluidX storage tube racks can be supplied with the option of carrying a unique 2D barcode identifier
  • All FluidX whole rack readers are capable of reading both tube and rack 2D barcodes simultaneously, to provide automatic rack orientation and greater sample security

Rack Templates Save Set-Up Time

  • Custom templates can be set up when a specific rack layout is used routinely, such as when a row is left empty or control tubes are placed in specific positions on a regular basis

“No Tube” Feature Eliminates Errors

  • Perception Rapid Legacy Cryo is able to discriminate between a tube with a barcode that cannot be decoded, and an empty rack position.
  • The reader will not attempt to decode empty tube positions, so data files are kept clean
  • Reading speed is optimised as wasted data entry is eliminated

Option: Integrated Linear 1D Barcode Reader

  • Integrating a USB linear 1D barcode reader provides automatic and simultaneous scanning of rack 1D barcodes for another level of sample security
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Perception HD LF Rapid Legacy Cryo Whole Rack Reader
Code formats readDatamatrix, ISO 16022, square and rectangular format, ECC200, 0 to 20 grid sizes, white on black, black on white, numeric, alphanumeric option: 1D linear rack barcodes
Sensor type18 megapixel variable-focus CMOS sensor
Light source4 x diffused LED light boards
Grab/Decode Speed<1 seconds (may vary based on individual CPU capabilities )
Ambient operating temperature20°C to 55°C
Operating humidity10-90% (non-condensing)
Tube compatibilityAll 2D Data Matrix labelled tubes in 14x14, 10x10, 9x9, 5x5 format legacy cryo racks 24, 48, 96 and 240-format SBS racks
Dimensions224mm (H) x 147mm (W) x 147mm (D)
CommunicationUSB Type-C to USB-A Male 3.1 Gen2 Cable - 0.9 m
Operating systemWindows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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Refurbished Camera-Based Reader For SBS-Racks And Cryo Boxes, whole rack reader for 14x14, 10x10, 9x9, 7x7 5x5 square cryo racks of 2D labelled tubes and 24, 48, 96, 240, 384 SBS-format racks
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Multiple Position Linear Barcode Adaptor for USB Opticon Barcode Reader, for Perception HD LF (20-4016)
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