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High-Speed Plasmid Kits

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High-Speed Plasmid Kits

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Fast and economical plasmid minipreps

IBI’s High-Speed MINI Plasmid Kit is designed for rapid isolation of plasmid or cosmid DNA from 1-4ml of bacterial cultures. The modified alkaline lysis method and RNase treatment are used to create cleared cell lysate with minimal genomic DNA and RNA contaminants. In the presence of a chaotropic salt, the plasmid DNA in the lysate, binds to the glass-fiber matrix in the spin column. The contaminants are washed off with an ethanol based wash buffer, and the purified plasmid DNA is eluted by a low salt elution buffer or water. This procedure does NOT require DNA phenol extraction or alcohol precipitation. Typical yields are 20-30mg for high-copy numbered plasmid or 3-10mg for low-copy numbered plasmid. The purified plasmid DNA is ready to use for restriction enzyme digestion, ligation, PCR, or sequencing reactions. This entire procedure can be completed in under 30 minutes.

Sample Size:1-4ml bacterial culture
Format:Spin Columns
Operation:Centrifuge/Vacuum manifold
Binding Capacity:Up to 30µg
Expextant Yield:20-30µg for high-copy plasmid / 3-10µg for low-copy plasmid
Elution Volume:50-100µl
Operation Time:30 minutes or less
Applications:Fluorescent or Radioactive Sequencing, Restriction Digestion, Library Screening Ligation and Transformation

Kit Components

PD Column4 MINI100 MINI300 MINI
2 mL Coleection Tube4100300
PD1 Buffer1mL25mL65mL
PD2 Buffer1mL25mL75mL
PD3 Buffer1.5mL45mL100mL
W1 Buffer2mL45mL130mL
Wash Buffer (add Ethanol)1mL (4mL)25mL (100mL)50mL (200mL)
Elution Buffer1mL6mL30mL
RNase A (50mg/mL)Added50µL130µL

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