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DNA Genotek

ORACollect•Dx Sample Collection Kit

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High quality DNA ideal for clinical diagnostic or research applications

  • Ideal for self or assisted collection
  • Quick and reliable collection protocol with a single sponge

Easy and reliable DNA collection with ORAcollect•Dx

ORAcollect•Dx is a painless, non-invasive and easy-to-use DNA collection kit for self or assisted sample collection. ORAcollect•Dx is designed to collect, stabilize and protect DNA samples. DNA from ORAcollect•Dx can be used for research or genetic testing applications and clinical diagnostics. Unlike buccal swabs, collected samples are liquid based, bacteriostatic and integrate easily in existing lab workflows.

Product Benefits:

  • Quick, reliable and easy collection protocol with no drying time needed
  • High quality sample, the ORAcollect•Dx reagent is bacteriostatic and will inhibit the growth of bacteria from time of sample collection to processing
  • High quality DNA for use in downstream molecular applications
  • Full sample traceability with integrated barcodes
  • Liquid sample that enables:
  • use with liquid handling robots
  • compatibility with standard labware
  • easy processing
  • no cutting of tips
  • fewer manual steps reduces the chance of errors and cross contamination

Benefits for the patient:

  • Improved patient care, convenience and compliance with easy-to-use saliva based DNA sample collection
  • Option to collect in clinic, at point-of-care, or at home with self-collection kits
  • Oragene™•Dx and ORAcollect™•Dx saliva kits collect superior samples from all patients, including children or patients that have difficulty with traditional collection methods

Benefits for the lab:

  • DNA Genotek’s sample collection products are validated to perform on a wide range of downstream in vitro diagnostic tests
  • Increase efficiency, minimize sample handling and reduce handling errors with compatible formats for high-throughput processing
  • Lab integration services available to optimize sample processing and reduce validation time and costs for genetic testing

Benefits for the test manufacturer:

  • Speed time to market by leveraging FDA cleared DNA Genotek products and decrease overall cost structure
  • High-quality biological sample collection products that are scientifically validated
  • Access patient samples at point-of-care and eliminate the need for phlebotomy costs and infrastructure
  • Improve efficiency, cut costs and increase the number of tests conducted by offering a completely non-invasive, regulatory compliant and easy-to-use saliva sample collection kits
  • Leverage experience and expertise in customization , lab integration and sample management through DNA Genotek products and services

There is a rising global popularity of genetic testing, among healthcare professionals, academics, researchers, and lately consumers looking to improve health outcomes through personalized medicine. Use Oragene™•Dx and ORAcollect™•Dx saliva collection kits to collect high-quality DNA saliva samples in order to power Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies for in vitro diagnostics and therapeutic health services.

Join our customer base of thousands using DNA Genotek, who offer a wide assortment of molecular diagnostic services including gene expression profiling, microarrays, CNV/SNP typing, pathogen detection, infectiou disease testing, pharmacogenetic testing, sample banking, assays for personalized medicine and custom diagnostics.

AttributesBuccal swabsORAcollect•Dx (OCD-100/100A)
No drying time requiredx
Specimen stability at ambient temperatureDaysMonths
Liquid samplex
Standardized format for high-throughput processingx
Eliminates cross contaminationx
Integrated barcode for sample traceabilityx
FDA clearedx
Microbial contaminationT0 = 14%, T30 days = 24%T0 = 4%, T60 days = 4%**
Median DNA yield0.7 µg2.6 µg
Molecular weight< 23 kb> 23 kb

† Panford-Walsh R., Doukhanine E. and Bouevitch A. (2011). Comparison of DNA from samples collected using ORAcollect•DNA (OCR-100) vs. buccal swabs. DNA Genotek. PD-WP-00021.

* Data was obtained by testing 156 samples from 156 donors and DNA was extracted using the QIAamp® DNA Mini kit (QIAGEN®).

** Data was obtained by testing 30 samples from 30 donors.

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