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Buffer Tri-Chek Capsule Set

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The Hydrion Tri-Chek Buffer Capsule set is perfect for quick and easy pH meter calibration. When mixed with distilled or de-ionized water, Hydrion Buffer Capsules will accurately produce 100 ml. of solution at pH 4.00, 7.00 and 10.00. Hydrion Buffers are free flowing soluble powders that prepare clear or color safe solutions in minutes.

The set contains 1 vial of each buffer standard, with each vial containing 10 capsules. Each capsule produces 100ml.of solution. Included with the set is 1 vial of Hydrion Color Key Buffer Preservative which prolongs the shelf life of the solution and automatically tints each solution to its own color value: orange for ph 4.00, green for ph 7.0 and blue for ph 10.0.

Product Directions:

Empty the contents of a Hydrion pH Buffer Capsule into 100 ml.of de-ionized or distilled water.

Storage And Shelf Life:

When stored at room temperature in clean airtight bottles, prepared solutions will last for three weeks. When added to the solution, Hydrion Buffer Preservative will protect prepared solutions for up to three months.

Unprepared, packaged Hydrion Buffer Salts have a shelf life of five years.

All hydrion buffer salts are directly traceable to nist standards and certified to ± 0.02 ph units at 25°c.

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Buffer Tri-Chek Capsule Set
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