ID3EAL PanoramiRID3EAL™ PanoramiR Knowledge Panel


The ID3EAL™ PanoramiR Knowledge Panel is an effective approach for profiling miRNAs important in biological processes, disease mechanisms, or biomarker discovery for clinical applications such as disease diagnosis and prognosis, disease stratification or treatment selection.

PanoramiR targets 376 miRNAs expertly curated from miRBase 22, HMDD 3.2 and TCGA. This is further cross-referenced with high-impact publications and in-house research data.


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Our Solutions:

Achieve More with Less

  • Expertly curated disease associated panel generates meaningful insights.
  • Highly sensitive and robust technology detects lowly expressed miRNAs with minimal sample input.
  • Relevance to over 20 diseases including cancers, dementias, cardiovascular disease, liver diseases and more.
  • Relevance to various sample types including plasma, serum and solid tissues.

Optimal Use Experience

  • Ready-to-use qPCR plate with pre-spotted primers.
  • Pre-wet lab validated multiplexed RT primer pools and qPCR assays.
  • Reagents pre-aliquoted into experimentally relevant proportions.
  • Spike-in RNA controls included.
  • Semi-automated data analysis template for normalization, fold-change results and data visualizations.

Speedy Workflow

  • RNA-to-Ct in 2 hours or 3.5 hours with a pre-amplification step to enhance detection with very limiting amounts of starting material.

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