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TekniClean Polyester Knit Wipers

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TekniClean Polyester Knit Wipers

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Teknisat sealed edge pre-wetmicrodenier wipers are ideal for environmental/cleanroom wipedowns or process tool cleaning.
Made with hi strength continuous filament microdenier polyester yarn in a double knit, no run interlock pattern. A proprietary process
is used to create ultrasonic seals for improved fiber and particle retention, superior to laser sealing as ultrasonic provides
a softer & more defined edge. Wipes are prewetted with 0.12micron filtered & purified IPA which is 99.99999% pure &
accurately blended with same purity 18 Mega Ohm DI Water, pending blend request. Class 10 Laundered & Packaged


Purity Specifications

Purity SpecificationsMaximumTypical
particles/m^2 Particles (>0.5micron)5 x 10^(6)4.2 x 10^(6)
particles/m^2 (> 5 micron)0.5 x 10^(6)0.3 x 10^(6)
fibers/m^2 Fibers (>100 micron)<400230


Nonvolatile Residue

Nonvolatile ResidueMaximumTypical
g/m^2 ug/cm^2 IPA Extractant<0.04 / 40.02 / 2
g/m^2 ug/cm^2 DIW Extractant<0.01 / 10.008 / 0.8


Extractable Ions

Extractable IonsMaximumTypical
ppm / ug/g Sodium (Na+)<0.20.13
ppm / ug/g Potassium (K+)<0.10.03
ppm / ug/g Magnesium (Mg2+)<0.10.07
ppm / ug/g Chloride (Cl+)<0.10.04
ppm / ug/g Calcium ( Ca+)<0.20.13


Physical Properties

Basis Weight150g/m2
Material95% Polyester, 5% nylon Continous Filament, Double Knit
DI Water grade18 Mega ohm WFI, .12u filtered
IPA gradeUltraPure, .12u filtered, <1 ppb

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Thomas No.
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9x9, Teknipure, Pre-Sat., 10%IPA/90% DI Water, Micro Denier, Zipper Seal Bag, Ultrasonic Sealed Edge, 50 wipes pack, 15 packs per case
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Thomas No.
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Polyester Knit Micro-denier Wiper for ISO 4+ cleanrooms with 70% IPA 9" X 9" packed 50 Ea/Zipper Pouch, 15 Packs/Case
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