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Sterile TekniSat Meltblown Polypropylene Wipers

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Sterile TekniSat Meltblown Polypropylene Wipers

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TEKNISAT Meltblown Polypropylene
Wipers are 100% synthetic
polypropylene fibers thermally-bonded
to form an inherently low-extractable and
low-shedding, chemically-resistant
nonwoven fabric. This material is oered
as a pre-wetted wiper saturated with
USP grade isopropanol (IPA) in sterile
and non-sterile packaging.

Validated Sterilization via gamma irradiation to a Sterility Assurance Level of 10^-6 according to AAMI Guidelines.

• Ideal for ecient surface cleaning
and sanitization between and
during processing.
• Useful for pass through wiping
and PPE wipe down in gowning
• Suitable for use in ISO 5 and
higher cleanrooms


• Excellent chemical compatibility
• Applies IPA eciently while
minimizing VOC emissions
• Exceptionally clean
• Available in resealable pouch and
zipper packs


Purity Specifications

Particles & FibersUpper Limit
(x 10^6 particles/m^2)
Particles >0.50um<20.0
Particles >5.0um<3.0
Fibers >100um<1000

*Particles: IEST-RP-CC004.3 Section 6.1.4
Fibers: IEST-RP-CC004.3 Section 6.2.2 (Orbital Shake Test)


Nonvolatile Residue

ExtractantUpper Limit
IPA<0.005 g/m^2
DI Water<0.010 g/m^2

*IEST-RP-CC004.3 Section 7.1.2 (Short Term Extraction)


Extractable Ions

IonUpper Limit
Sodium (Na+)<0.50 ppm
Potassium(K+)<0.50 ppm
Calcium (Ca2+)<1.0 ppm
Chloride (Cl-)<1.0 ppm
Magnesium (Mg2+)<1.0 ppm

* IEST-RP-CC004.3 Section (Standard Extraction)


Physical Properties

Basis Weight35 g/m^2
Thickness0.20mm (+/- 2mm)
Material100% Polypropylene

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Sterile Pre-saturated Polypropylene Wiper for ISO 4+ cleanrooms, 70% IPA, 9" x 11"packed 50 Ea/ Pack, 24 Packs/Case
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