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Wheaton Science Products offers the most complete line of vials and racks available to the laboratory market. Wheaton sample vials, V Vials® and liquid scintillation vials are the original and standard by which vials are judged.

Wheaton sample vials, fabricated from glass tubing, offer uniform sidewall and bottom thickness. In addition, they are lightweight and have excellent strength and clarity. Wheaton sample vials are available in both clear and amber glass and have a variety of uses ranging from sample storage to freeze drying.

Wheaton scintillation vials are the original scintillation vials invented by Wheaton over 50 years ago. Manufactured from low potassium glass, polyethylene terephthalate and high density polyethylene, the Wheaton line of vials is the largest and most diverse in the industry.

The new Wheaton E-Z Ex-Traction vial is designed for automated compound management systems and the V Vials are designed for reaction and sample storage. The unique conical interior bottom of these vials ensures maximum security and economy in handling, storage and shipping of costly micro and semi-micro samples.

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Wheaton SciLutions Customized Services

Wheaton has been producing specialty vials such as V Vials® and the E-Z Ex- Traction® high recovery vials for years following the precise instructions from customers. Think beyond vials, do you need a custom ampule, dropper bottle or serum tubing vial? Almost any product Wheaton offers can be customized using their state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes. In addition, Wheaton also has a custom glass hand shop available for one-of-a-kind products.

Wheaton's packaging engineers will develop the appropriate packaging to meet your specific needs each and every time with consistent dimensions. We can package containers using your company’s materials and shrink-wrap to your specifications.

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