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Smart 3 Electronic Soil Lab, Model DC-12

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Designed to provide immediate, accurate and economical soil analyses in the field

  • Self contained
  • Test 15 different soil factors including available forms of macronutrients and micronutrients

Simplified test procedures provide at least 20 tests for each nutrient. Each accurately standardized system is furnished in an individual plastic module for quick distinction. All tests are performed in minutes on easy-to-prepare soil extracts based on Mehlich I extractions. Critical soil measurements are performed quickly and reliably with a battery powered pH 5 meter. The meter measures the pH of a one-to-one solution of soil and distilled water over the range of 0 to 14 pH units to a sensitivity of 0.01 pH. Soluble Salt levels in soils and irrigation waters are monitored accurately with a TDS 5 meter measuring dissolved salts for 0 to 999+ ppm.

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TestMethodRange# of Tests
Nitrate-NitrogenCadmium Reduction0-150 lbs/acre20
Nitrite NitrogenDiazotization0-70 lbs/acre20
Ammonia NitrogenNesslerization0-150 lbs/acre50
PhosphorusAscorbic Acid Reduction0-98 lbs/acre50
PotassiumTetraphenylboron0-500 lbs/acre100
SulfurBarium Chloride0-167 ppm50
CopperDiethyldithiocarbamate0-30 ppm100
IronBipyridal0-30 ppm50
ManganesePeriodate0-75 ppm50
ZincZincon0-15 ppm50
Direct Reading Titrator------------
Calcium----0-4000 lbs/acre50
Magnesium----0-2400 lbs/acre50
Chlorides----0-1000 lbs/acre50
Battery Powered Meters------------
pH5----pH 0-14----
TDS----0-99.9 ppm; 100-999 ppm; 1.00-9.99 ppl----

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Smart 3 Electronic Soil Lab, Model DC-12

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