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RHINOstic™ Automated Nasal Swab Kit, Black Uncapped 1D/2D/Visible Barcoded Tube

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The RHINOstic Automated Nasal Swab with uncapped cryolabeled tube format is ideal for laboratories who prefer a 2D barcode, serialized 10-digit barcode, and 6-digit secondary visual identifier. They are packaged as swabs and black transport tubes, sterilized in individual sets. The 2D barcode enables rapid, hands-free accessioning, a 1D barcode is used for redundancy, and visual numbering allows for manual verification.

The tiny RHINOstic™ Automated Nasal Swab can make a big difference. In a hands-free automated workflow, this patent-pending nasal and buccal swab collection device can help labs of any size to save time, maximize productivity and consistency, and minimize risks and disruptions from sample collection to processing. On top of this, processing is very easily scaled so that during times of surging demand, labs can keep pace.

The RHINOstic Automated Nasal Swab integrates a hydrophobic polypropylene-based swab with an automatable cap. The soft material, and a unique stacked ring structured head, provides the utmost in patient comfort while providing sufficient sample amounts. The cap securely screws into a barcoded sample tube container. Users simply unscrew the cap with integrated swab, collect the sample, and replace the cap. Once in the lab, an automated decapper and liquid handler are used to process the samples in a high-throughput format.

Dry shipment means that viral transport media (VTM) is not necessary so that labs can save on reagent costs, eliminate risks of leaking or liquid biohazard contact, and bypass time-consuming concentration steps. Unlike antiquated flocked or wound fiber swabs that retain sample upon elution, the hydrophobic nature of this swab ensures rapid and complete sample elution. In fact, the Rhinostics Standard Nasal Swab provides up to 30X sample concentration versus other swabs transported in VTM.

  • Ideal for any nasal or buccal sampling needs, including genetic testing, respiratory panels, COVID-19, and other respiratory pathogen tests.
  • Up to 96 RHINOstic tubes may be accessioned and decapped or recapped at once using an automated decapper.
  • Automation friendly cap interfaces with decapping robot to facilitate rapid, hands-free workflows.
  • Internal cap threads ensure that the collection device is securely attached to the transport tube.
  • Soft polypropylene stacked-ring or “honey dipper” collection head is designed for comfortable sample collection, even during self-collection methods, from the front of the nasal cavity with high collection capacity.
  • Dry transport eliminates risks of liquid spills and contamination and also eliminates the need for concentration steps.
  • Lack of VTM and hydrophobic materials enable complete sample elution, up to 30x more concentrated versus other swabs.
  • Tube is imprinted with 2D barcode on base for rapid, hands-free accessioning, 1D barcode on side for redundancy, and visual numbering for manual verification.

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Materials: Medical grade quality polypropylene
Dimensions: Overall length: 3.0 in (76 mm)

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RHINOstic™ Automated Swab Kit, Black Uncapped 1D/2D/Visible Barcoded Tube
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