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BRANDplates® lipoGrade™ Immunoassay Microplates

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Suitable for a variety of immunological applications, such as ELISA, RIA, and FIA.

These polystyrene surfaces for solid phase assays are available with three different surface modifications.  Depending on the characteristics of the molecules to be attached on the surface the preferred plates are more hydrophobic (lipophilic) than immunoGrade™, for the attachment of hydrophobic molecules, for example progesterone and lipoproteins.

BRANDplates® are manufactured under cleanroom conditions according to ISO 14644-1 class 5 to 7 and meet the ANSI/SBS- standard for perfect robotic handling. 96-well plates are available with U, V, F or C-Bottom; 384-well- and 1536-well plates have an F-bottom.

Plates are alphanumerically labelled, stackable and compatible with most standard readers and washers. Standard microplates with 96-wells bear a colored alphanumeric code identifying the surface type (TC plates orange, immuno plates blue). White plates provide maximum reflection and minimum crosstalk during luminescence measurements, black plates provide minimum black light scatter during fluorescence analyses.

BRANDplates® are non cytotoxic according to ISO 10993, free of endotoxins (< 0.01 E.U./ml), and free of DNA, DNase and RNase. Sterile Products comply with ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines. A SAL of 10-6 is reached.  Sterile plates are supplied individually wrapped with lid.

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