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Thermo Scientific Nunc

Lab-Tek And Nunc Petri Dishes

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For the culturing of fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms

  • Polystyrene dishes allow you to write directly on lid with a lab marker or grease pencil
  • Bottom flatness and height uniformity are carefully controlled to assure even distribution of media and optimize performance with automatic equipment.
  • Sub-packed in easy opening plastic sleeves and sterilized
  • All dishes have vents except Thomas numbers 3488G42 and G55
  • Beveled and slippable
Thomas No.Sizei.d. BottomSTACK RING*
3488C11140 x 20 mm136 mmYES
3488G3560 x 20 mm57 mmNO
3488G42100 x 25 mm86 mmYES
3488G55150 x 25 mm137 mmNO
3488G85100 x 15 mm89 x 89 mmNO
3488H50100 x 15 mm86 mmNO
3488H55150 x 20 mm136 mmYES
3488H90245 x 20 mm176 mmYES

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Thomas No.
Mfr. No.
Culture, Petri Dish, Sterile 140 X 20mm
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Thomas No.
Mfr. No.
Also known as: MPN-4014-12
Culture, Petri Dish, Sterile, Deep w/ Lid, 150 X 25mm
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Thomas No.
Mfr. No.
Culture, Petri Dish, Sterile, Square w/ Lid And Vent, 100 X 15mm
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