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Agilent Technologies

ICP-MS Sampler Cone

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The ICP-MS sampler cone forms part of the interface region, sampling ions from the atmospheric plasma and transitioning them into the high vacuum MS for detection. High-quality sample cones are key to the sensitivity and stability of an ICP-MS. Agilent Sampler cones, with a nickel or platinum tip, use high-purity materials to minimize background and ensure stability within the plasma. They are manufactured to stringent specifications and rigorously tested to ensure excellent batch to batch reproducibility. The orifice dimensions and tip geometry are optimized and tightly controlled.

Application: For 77/78/7900 & 88/8900. Optional Cone Recommended for Seawater Analysis & High Cl Matrix. For Samples Containing High Salts (i.e. Seawaters/Process Waters) & Chloride Matrices (i.e. HCl, HClO4). Ideal for Routine Operation with (u)HMI with a High (>8x) Aerosol Dilution Ratio. Use with Nickel Skimmer Cone & Stainless Steel Skimmer Base

This product is only available to U.S. Domestic Customers.

For research use only, not to be used in diagnostic procedures.

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ICP-MS sampler cone, Nickel-plated, 1/pk

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