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NiGen 40-1 Nitrogen Generators

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The NiGen 40-1 nitrogen generator is designed for use with both LCMS and sample preparation equipment. It is compatible with all Organomation nitrogen evaporators up to 100 sample positions, along with all LCMS analyzers on the market. The NiGen includes a built-in oil-free compressor, making it ideal for labs looking for a complete nitrogen generation solution.

The NiGen 40-1 relies on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to produce nitrogen gas at up to 38 L/min. The unit uses molecular sieves to remove oxygen, water, and trace hydrocarbons, leaving a stream of high purity nitrogen gas. Compressed air and generated nitrogen are stored in tanks of up to 50 liters each, allowing for less frequent cycles of the internal air compressor.


  • Convenient: Integrated air compressor eliminates the stress of sourcing an appropriate compressor to run your generator
  • Low Maintenance: Compressor maintenance required only after 16,000 working hours
  • Quiet: Less than 50 decibels in standby mode
  • Reliable: High capacity gas storage tanks reduce the frequency of compressor cycles, reducing noise levels and wear on the motor

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NiGen All-In-One Generator, 0-38L/min, 125V, 60 Hz, 25 Amp
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