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The FreezerCell™ can be used with a variety of cell types, including stem cells, primary cells, cell lines and yeast. The FreezerCell™ doesn’t require any additives, all you need to do is place the FreezerCell™ into an ultra-low freezer, and the cooling will begin at -1°C per minute. It is a very good device for all protocols of cell preservation. This product is symmetrically designed with a combination of foam and alloys with no additives or emission characteristics. These products are environmentally friendly. No Need to replace any parts, and will serve you for years.

The FreezerCell™ is easy to use, just insert your samples, and place in an ultra-low freezer and your done. The FreezerCell™ can greatly improve your handling and effciency, at the same time of promoting a greater survival rate of cells after thawing. Your samples are safe and worry free.


Easy to use:

  • No need to add any liquid or pre-cooling, simply put your samples directly into the FreezerCell™, and keep all your samples in a -80°C low temperature environment.
  • Easy open lid, and you can hold the FreezerCell™ directly from the -80°C freezer without any concern of frostbite to your fingers.
  • Transfer the samples conveniently, you can remove the whole box or an individual sample at any me.

Low cost:

  • No maintenance costs, no need to replace anything. Once you purchase the FreezerCell™, it will serve you for years to come
  • Reuse the FreezerCell™ over and over, 5-minute turnaround me
  • The FreezerCell™ foot print is minimal, and won’t use up a lot of freezer space.

Higher cell survival rate:

  • Cooling rate consistency is very good, freeze an individual experimental, or a full load. The cooling rate on each sample is the same every me

Simply put the samples to be frozen into FreezerCell™, and apply the lid. The FreezerCell™ must be placed in a -80°C environment for at least 3 hours, during the cooling period, do not opened during the cooling process. After the cooling processing is complete, the sample can be removed and transferred to liquid nitrogen tank for long term storage. If you need to reuse the FreezerCell™ quickly, simply open the lid and remove the tray, let them both return to room temperature, then you are ready to use again.

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