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Kit Preparation Of Effective Buffers Ap Lab #16

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Students will design a buffer that can maintain a pH within a narrow range when certain amounts of acid and base are added. The activity contains enough materials for 15 groups of students as well as a Teacher’s Guide and Student Study Guide Copymasters. This lab meets Big Idea 6, Investigation 16, Primary Learning Objective 6.18. Kit Includes: 1000mL 0.1M Acetic Acid 1000mL 0.1M Ammonia 1000mL 0.1M Sodium Dihydrogen Phosphate 1000mL 0.1M Citric Acid 1000mL 0.1M Sodium Monohydrogen Citrate 1000mL 0.2M Sodium Hydroxide 1000mL 0.2M Hydrochloric Scid 1000mL pH 7 Buffer 25g Sodium Acetate 25g Sodium Hydrogen Phosphate 25g Ammonium Chloride 50g Sodium Dihydrogen Citrate 50g Sodium Citrate 25g Sodium Chloride Materials needed but not supplied: Balance, Electronic, 0.01g Precision Beakers, 150mL, 250mL Buret, 50mL Lab Stands w/ Burette Clamps Graduated Cylinders, 10mL, 100mL pH Meter Magnetic Stirrer Stirring Rod Spatula Stir Bar Wash Bottle Water, Distilled DOT Info: UN1824, Sodium hydroxide solution, 8, III, Ltd Qty.

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Kit Preparation Of Effective Buffers Ap Lab #16
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