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Screw Microtubes

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Screw Microtubes

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Ideal for storage and can be used in a wide range of environment including ultralow temperatures

  • Temperature range: -196°C to +121°C*
  • Over 20,000 x rcf
  • Ultraclear medical grade polypropylene
  • Convenient EasyTurn 3/4-turn thread

Tubes are routinely tested to over 20,000 x g providing a safe and strong environment for your precious samples. The specially formulated, medical grade, raw material gives glass-like clarity making visualizing tube contents easy. Non-sterile tubes and caps are certified free from DNase, RNase, DNA and detectable PCR inhibitors. In addition, sterile configurations are certified free from pyrogens. Screw tubes can also be sterilized by autoclave.

*Not suitable for use in liquid nitrogen

Thomas No.VolumeIncluded CapTube BaseRibs/Milling100 ul GraduationsFrosted Writing AreaColorSterile
1228H020.5 mlNoneSkirtedRibbed  NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H030.5 mlNoneSkirtedRibbed  AmberNon-Sterile
1228H040.5 mlNoneConical   NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H050.5 mlStandardConical   NaturalSterile
1228H060.5 mlTetheredConical   NaturalSterile
1228H070.5 mlNoneSkirted   NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H080.5 mlNoneSkirted   AmberNon-Sterile
1228H090.5 mlStandardConical   NaturalSterile
1228H100.5 mlTetheredConical   NaturalSterile
1228H111.5 mlNoneConicalRibbed  NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H121.5 mlNoneSkirtedRibbed  NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H131.5 mlNoneSkirtedRibbed  AmberNon-Sterile
1228H141.5 mlNoneConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalNon-Sterile
1228H151.5 mlNoneConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaAmberNon-Sterile
1228H161.5 mlStandardConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalSterile
1228H171.5 mlTetheredConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalSterile
1228H181.5 mlNoneSkirted   NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H191.5 mlNoneSkirted   AmberNon-Sterile
1228H201.5 mlStandardSkirted   NaturalSterile
1228H211.5 mlTetheredConical   NaturalSterile
1228H222.0 mlNoneConicalRibbed  NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H232.0 mlNoneSkirtedRibbed  NaturalNon-Sterile
1228H242.0 mlNoneSkirtedRibbed  AmberNon-Sterile
1228H262.0 mlNoneConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalNon-Sterile
1228H272.0 mlNoneConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaAmberNon-Sterile
1228H282.0 mlStandardConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalSterile
1228H292.0 mlTetheredConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalSterile
1228H302.0 mlNoneSkirted GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalNon-Sterile
1228H312.0 mlNoneSkirted GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaAmberNon-Sterile
1228H322.0 mlStandardSkirted GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalSterile
1228H332.0 mlTetheredConical GraduatedFrosted Writing AreaNaturalSterile

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