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Vacutainer® Citrate Tubes

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Vacutainer® Citrate Tubes with 3.2% buffered sodium citrate solution are used for routine coagulation studies.

  • Venipuncture sampling system which enables sampling directly into a sterile tube
  • One-handed manipulation permits fixing the vein with the free hand
  • System composed of evacuated Vacutainer tube, sterile blood collection needle and needle holder
  • Hemogard™ closure tube has unisized diameter, 13 mm, streamlining and simplifying the specimen handling process

Stoppers contain no TBEP. The tubes can be used for serum, plasma or whole blood based on their color-coded tops. Vacutainer tubes are available with the conventional rubber stopper or a Hemogard™ closure. The Hemogard™ closure allows laboratory professionals to confidently handle specimens. The stopper that seals the tube is covered by a plastic shield to help protect lab personnel from contact with blood on the stopper or around the outer rim of the tube as well as from blood spattering when tube is opened. The rubber stoppers are recessed inside the shield, isolating any remaining blood from potential contact. All tubes are usable with 0194Z81 and Z82 series adapters and 9670L20 series holders which take 9670H10 series needles interchangeably.

The Hemogard™ closure noted on the specifications chart by the letter “H” while the conventional stopper is noted by the letter “C”.

Thomas No.9669A089669A159669A401230Z23
BD No.363080363083366393366415
Volume Draw1.8 mL2.7 mL2.7 mL4.5 mL
Stopper Color, TypeLt. Blue, CLt. Blue, CLt. Blue, CLt. Blue, C
Tube MaterialGlassGlassGlassGlass
Additive0.109M (3.2%) Citrate0.109M (3.2%) Citrate0.3 mL buffered sodium citrate solution, 0.105M0.105M buffered sodium citrate (0.5 mL citrate solution, 12.35 mg sodium citrate, 2.21 mg citric acid)
Interior CoatingSiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone
Label TypePaperPaperPaperPaper
Tube Size13 x 75 mm13 x 75 mm10.25 x 64 mm13 x 75 mm

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Thomas No.
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Vacutainer Tube, 1.8mL, 13 x 75mm, Plastic, with Buffered Sodium Citrate (0.109M, 3.2%), Light Blue Hemogard Closure, Paper Label
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Thomas No.
Mfr. No.
Vacutainer Tube, 2.7mL, 13 x 75mm, Plastic, with Buffered Sodium Citrate (0.109M, 3.2%), Light Blue Hemogard Closure, Paper Label
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