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Advanced Filter System

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Filters and Traps - Protect Your Instrument and Capillary Column/Technical Results with the Correct High Quality Gas Filtration System.

PerkinElmer has a wide assortment of filters that remove moisture, oils, dust, hydrocarbons, oxygen, sulfur compounds and more. Select the proper filter for your application needs.
Advanced Filter System- N9303963
Replacement cartridge- N9303964
Manifold and Mounting Hardware- N9306139
New Advanced Filter System

Two indicators, for oxygen and moisture.
Gas contacts only metal and glass.
High capacity and efficiency in a single cartridge.
Easy cartridge replacement with on/off knob.
Double seal construction for safety.
Check valves protect gas lines during cartridgereplacement.

The Advanced Filter System has high capacity and efficiency levelsfor oxygen, water and hydrocarbons. The recommendedmaximum flow rate is 2 L/min and 200 psi maximum operatingpressure. A polycarbonate shield surrounds the glass indicator section of thefilter is sealed, unlike other gas filters, the gas flow is secure even if the glass should break. This redundant sealing system and robustconstruction provides a new level of security in gas filtration.

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Advanced Filter System
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