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Laxco Inc.

Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Automotive Refractometer

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Laxco™ Digital Benchtop incorporates a linear CMOS sensor for high precision readings that are repeatable. Its sapphire measuring surface is harder than standard glass and protects it against scratches which can cause in accurate readings over time. It’s small light weight footprint makes it both portable and sturdy enough for benchtop use, while its 5-inch LCD displays offers convenient reading.  Each unit is inspected in the United States by a factory qualified technician under a ridged quality control process to insure its accuracy, and performance.


Compact, lightweight design for easy portability & benchtop use
Automatic Temperature Compensation to prevent inaccurate readings due to temperature fulgurations.
Stainless steel prism well and sapphire measuring surface, equals great protection and easy cleaning
Easily switch between C°/ F° readings
Intuitive membrane switch, protects the system against dust and water, and allows for easy operation
Linear CMOS sensor for High repeatable precision readings each and every time
USB and Bluetooth connectivity to computer
Battery charge level indicator helps indicate when you need a charge
Automatic Temperature Compensation indicator shows temperature at reading
Multi-function area shows time remaining during automatic measurements
Supports up to 10 scales
Two position, spring loaded, flip top sample cover allows the cover to firmly remain in the open or closed position making it easy to load and read samples
IP67 rating for sensor  protects against water and dust
589.3nm LED for easy readings in any low light situation, and increased accuracy
Powered by a single AA rechargeable battery
Battery-saving mode automatically powers unit off after 1 minute of inactivity
Requires 4 to 5 drops sample size for micro-volume detection
AFM technology measures the sample 15 times, and displays the mean value
Large digital display, allows for easy-to-read measured values, temperature, and battery life all on the display
Single button calibration with distilled water
2 year warranty
Attach Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Refractometer to a computer via USB or Bluetooth connectivity for additional functionality through its included GIBO software.

Scale Library shows all scales in database
Add custom scales quickly and easily to the system
Measure, record and export your data to excel, with temperature reading, time taken, device ID and recorded name
Select and delete your scale types
Search data by temperature range, name, or time
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Whether you are in Aquaculture, Food processing or wildlife management Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Salinity Refractometers are designed to measure salt levels in water and other saline fluids accurately and repeatedly.

Warranty and Services
2 years

55mm x 180mm x 100mm5 in. LCD Display
Rechargeable BatteryWindshield wiper fluid; Coolant; Battery
IncludesDigital refractometer, prism cover, calibration fluid, hard shell case, battery, Applicator, GIBO software, ManualInterfaceUSB
2 SecQuantity1
0 to 40°C0.8lbs
180mmCleaner ±0.5°C; EG ±0.5°C; PG ±0.5°C; Battery ±0.005sg
Windshield Washer: −60°C to 0°C, −76°F to 32°F; Ethylene Glycol Freeze Point: −60°C to 0°C, −76°F to 32°F; Propylene Glycol Freeze Point: −70°C to 0°C, −94°F to 32°F; Battery Acid: 1.000 to 1.500sgTypeAutomotive Multi-Check

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Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Automotive Refractometer
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Thomas No.
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Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Automotive Refractometer
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Thomas No.
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Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Automotive Refractometer
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Thomas No.
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Laxco™ Benchtop Digital Automotive Refractometer
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