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Wall Mount Bracket for LogTag® Vaccine Temperature Data Logger

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Exceeds Government Vaccine Monitoring Guidelines CDC / VFC

The LogTag® Temperature Data Logger measures and stores up to 7,770 temperature readings over -40°C to +99°C (-40°F to +210°F) measurement range from a remote temperature probe. Statistical temperature and duration readings for up to 30 days can be reviewed on the display. The visual display of current temperature and previous alarms is an important feature in "static" applications such as cool rooms and refrigerators. The display arrangement is designed to show 'at a glance' if temperature violations have occurred during the current day and up to the previous 29 days. The display also shows the current temperature reading, the current time, recording status and battery status. Details of any excursions can be checked directly by inspecting the statistics history on the recorder's display or in more detail by downloading the logged data via a standard LogTag® Interface cradle to LogTag® Analyzer. If a reading outside the pre-set "Alarm" limits is recorded at any time, a "day alarm indicator" appears on the display.


  • NIST Traceable w/Certificate
  • Data Logging – Records time and temperature data for later download
  • Day alarm summary - Displays in calendar-like format alarm triggers for up to the last 30 days
  • Current time & temperature - Shows the current time and temperature when not in review mode
  • Push Button Logging start with optional delayed start or specific Time & Date start
  • Rapid Download! Takes only seconds to download recordings
  • 'Pre-Start' logging - LogTag® can be configured to record even if it has not been started.
  • High performance at low cost
  • Thin flat case – Fits easily into packaging and thin enough to be easily mailed "letter rate".
  • Real time clock records time & temperature simultaneously
  • Easy to use LogTag Analyzer software that runs on any PC configures LogTag® for recording then downloads resulting data for analysis. Data can also be exported to fomats compatible with other applications such as Excel
  • Re-calibration to achieve higher accuracy possible
  • High quality gold plated remote sensor connector
  • Interchangeable Remote Probes – LogTag® remote temperature probes are interchangeable provided they are changed with LogTag® ST100 type remote temperature sensors.
Measurement Range:-40°C ~ +99°C (-40°F ~ +210°F)
Operating temperature:-30°C ~ +60°C (-22°F ~ +140°F)
Accuracy:> ±0.5°C (±0.9°F) for -20°C~+40°C (-22°F~+104°F) typically ±0.3°C (0.6°F)
> ±0.8°C (±1.5°F) for -40°C~-20°C (-40°F~ -22°F) typically ±0.5°C (0.9°F)
> ±0.8°C (±1.5°F) for +40°C~+70°C (-104°F~+158°F) typically ±0.7°C (0.9°F)
> ±1.2°C (±1.5°F) for +70°C~+99°C (-158°F~+210°F) typically ±1°C (0.9°F).
Sensor reaction time (T90):Less than x minutes in moving air.
Display Resolution:0.1°C (0.2°F) for measurements -40°C ~ +50°C (-22°F ~ +122°F)
0.2°C (0.4°F) for measurements +50°C ~ +70°C (+122°F ~ +158°F)
0.3°C( 0.5°F) for measurements +70°C ~ +80°C (+158°F ~ +176°F)
0.4°C-0.6°C (0.7°F~1°F) for measurements +80°C~ +99°C (+176°F ~ +210°F)
Capacity:Data logging memory : 7770 logs( 53 days @ 10min, 80 days @ 15min logging)
Summary statistics memory (display on LCD):30 days of max/min & duration values
Sampling frequency:adjustable, 30 seconds to several hours
Logging start options:Push button start or specific date & time. Optional start delay of up to 18hours.
Recording indication:State indicator "RECORDING"
Download Time:With full memory (7770 readings) less than 5 secs depending on computer.
Power source:3V Lithium-Manganese Dioxide extended temperature chemistry
Battery life:Typically 2+ years of operation
Size:93.0mm(H) x 54.5mm(W) x 8.6mm(T)
Case Material:Polycarbonate
Reader interface:Standard LogTag Interface cradle
Temperature probe:7ml Bottle w/ Bio-Safe Glycol/Water - Cable length 1.5m (~5 feet)

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