Syringe and syringeless filters
For sample preparation before HPLC, uHPLC and ion chromatography

GE Healthcare offers a complete range of Whatman syringe and syringeless filters. Use the selection guide to identify the optimal product for your sample preparation needs. Whatman GD/X™ and Mini-UniPrep™ filters are particularly well-suited to the requirements of food and beverage testing. GE Healthcare also offers a complete range of single-membrane syringe filters: Puradisc and SPARTAN™

Use a Mini-UniPrep™ multicompressor, which allows you to filter up to eight HPLC samples in one go, and reduce your HPLC sample prep time by at least 50%.

Replace your ordinary syringe filter with a single Whatman GD/X™ filter for your samples with high solid content, and process up to seven times more volume to increase volume throughput.