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Severs Extrusion Rheometer

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The Severs Extrusion Rheometer is an indispensable tool for studying the rheological properties of substances that will flow at room temperature with or without the application of pressure. It determines the rheological properties of substances that will flow at room temperature with the application of pressure from 0 to 100psi, in a viscosity range of 1 to 1-million centipoises. It may be used for production control as well as for the determination of fundamental data.

The front panel of the metal case houses a stainless steel sample cylinder, two pressure gages and a three-way, quick acting, push-pull valve. The small gage indicates the line pressure up to 200psi, and the large gage, calibrated in one-pound increments to 100psi, shows the pressure applied to the sample. The push-pull valve directs the gas into the cylinder and relieves the pressure at the end of the extrusion interval.

A pressure regulator, on the right side, permits rapid adjustment and control of the pressure in the cylinder. The filler tube (optional) is mounted on the left. The gas pressure tank, preferably nitrogen, is attached by means of a 1/4-inch tube connection in the rear of the case.

There are three stainless steel orifices , 0.15, 0.30, 0.60 cm diameter, to accommodate materials of different viscosities. The top connector plate has a quick-acting connector for the flexible tube used to apply pressure on the sample. Caps are threaded and have cork gaskets for sealing.

The Burrell-Severs Extrusion Rheometer Model A-120 is used by formulators, manufacturers, and consumers of polymers, lubricants and similar products including plastics, cosmetics, soaps, waxes, sealants, inks, asphalts, mastics, adhesives, plastisols, foods, biological fluids and paints.

The Model A-120 Extrusion Rheometer includes one orifice, approximately 0.30 cm ID, 100 paper weighing cups, spatula, cleaning brush and scraper (does not include filler tube).

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