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Empore(TM) Sealing Tape for 96-well Plate

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Empore membrane SPE technology comprises of SPE particles tightly enmeshed within a network of inert PTFE fibrils (90% SPE particles : 10% PTFE, by weight). The SPE-membrane fabrication process results in a highly dense and uniform extraction medium that offers distinct advantages over traditional sorbent/packed-bed SPE products. Empore SPE technology provides a denser, more uniform extraction bed than traditional packed bed products allowing for smaller bed weights, shorter analyte to pore diffusion paths, and more efficient extractions.The Empore 96-well line is ideal for high throughput SPE allowing users to process up to 96 samples in parallel. The unique Empore technology comprises of a series of polypropylene (PP) pre-filters that are layed on top of the SPE disk. The PP pre-filter acts as depth filter that provides faster flow-rates and reduces the risk of clogging. Save Time & Money:
•Reduced SPE Bed Mass = Reduced SPE Solvent & Elution Volumes
•Minimize SPE eluate evaporation time
•Potentially allows for direct injection of the SPE eluate
•Dense & Uniform Extraction Medium = No SPE Channeling and Voiding
•Efficient mass-transfer kinetics allow for faster flow rates
•Eliminate SPE fines improving column and instrument life

Synonyms: Empore(TM) SPE 96-well Plate

Legal Information: Empore is a trademark of CDS Analytical

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66881-U Empore(TM) Sealing Tape for 96-well Plate pk of 10 pads (25 sheets/pad)
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