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Empore(TM) SPE Disks matrix active group C18

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Empore membrane SPE technology comprises of SPE particles tightly enmeshed within a network of inert PTFE fibrils (90% SPE particles : 10% PTFE, by weight). The SPE-membrane fabrication process results in a highly dense and uniform extraction medium that offers distinct advantages over traditional sorbent/packed-bed SPE products. Empore SPE technology provides a denser, more uniform extraction bed than traditional packed bed products allowing for smaller bed weights, shorter analyte to pore diffusion paths, and more efficient extractions.The Empore line of SPE disks comprises of the most complete line of SPE disks for extracting large volumes of aqueous samples. The product line ranges from time-tested C18 to unique phase chemistries such as carbon and the highly polar Oil & Grease disk. The disks are ideal for environmental analysis where 1 L sample volumes are not uncommon and provide an efficient alternative to LLE. Save Time & Money:
•Reduced SPE Bed Mass = Reduced SPE Solvent & Elution Volumes
•Minimize SPE eluate evaporation time
•Potentially allows for direct injection of the SPE eluate
•Dense & Uniform Extraction Medium = No SPE Channeling and Voiding
•Efficient mass-transfer kinetics allow for faster flow rates
•Eliminate SPE fines improving column and instrument life

Application: Ideal for the extraction of semi- and non-volatile compounds from water and soil. Applicable for use with:
•EPA Method 506 - Phthlate & Adipate Esters
•EPA Method 508.1 - Chlorinated Pesticides, Herbicides and Organohalides
•EPA Method 525.2 - Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds
•EPA Method 532 - Phenylurea Pesticides
•EPA Method 550.1 - PAHs
•EPA Method 553 - Benzidines and Nitrogen-Containing Pesticides
•EPA Method 554 - Carbonyl Compounds
•EPA Method 555 - Chlorinated Acids
•608ATP3M0222 - Organochlorine Pesticides and PCBs
•1613B - Dioxins and Furans
•3535 - Organichlorine Pesticides & Phthalate Esters
•8330A - Nitroaromatics & Nitroamines
•8095 - Explosives
•8323 - Organotins
•8321b - Solvent extractable non-volatile compounds
•Dioxin DLM01.1 - Octo-chlorinated Dibenzo-p-dioxins (CDDs) and Dibenzofurans (CDFs)

Legal Information: Empore is a trademark of CDS Analytical

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