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VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network

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VACUUBRAND’s innovative VACUU•LAN® Local Vacuum Network technology is changing the way labs get their bench vacuum. Instead of the 100-200mbar (75-150 Torr) vacuum typical from a central vacuum system, VACUU•LAN® networks can deliver vacuum down to 2mbar (1.5Torr) to bench vacuum ports. Vacuum is provided locally by a quiet, oil-free VACUUBRAND pump, so there is no interference or risk of cross-contamination from other labs. The system is completely modular; add vacuum one lab at a time, extend capability as needed, and even interchange vacuum ports — from the simplest manual controls to advanced electronic control on your bench vacuum ports!

With the new VACUU•LAN® Mini-Network, you can install three VACUU•LAN® ports in a snap! Just attach the assembly to the wall or your lab frame, connect the pump with vacuum tubing, and you’re ready to go! Individual ports are check-valve-controlled to minimize interference among applications. Ports include manual flow control for continuously variable pumping speed adjustment. Coupled with the new 100mbar ME1 or ME1C pumps, you have an instant filtration network, or choose a 7 mbar or 1.5 mbar VACUUBRAND chemistry pump to support more demanding applications.

Higher flow-rate pumps can support two VACUU•LAN® Mini-Networks at once, and pumps with deeper vacuum capacity will assist with your evaporative applications. When using the Mini-Network for evaporations, ask about our pumps—like the PC 201 NT—with inlet catchpots to protect your pump from line condensations, and emissions condensers to trap waste vapors for environmental control or for proper disposal.

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VACUUBRAND PC3003 VARIO chemistry design vacuum system, Fluoropolymer construction. 0.45 torr ultimate vacuum, 47 lpm free air capacity, 100-120V
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