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Techne (Cole-Parmer)

Biological Magnetic Stirrers

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For suspension, cell culture and microcarriers

  • All solid state controls
  • Steel housing with attractive, durable texture
  • Strong, rugged and lightweight

SOFTSTART™ design ensures controlled acceleration of the stirrer rod to the selected speed, thus avoiding excessive turbulence within the medium on start-up and eliminating cell damage; also controls deceleration on switch-off. The stirrers incorporate variable interval stirring and provide continuous stirring up to 80 rpm. Choose on-times between six seconds and five minutes and off times between two minutes and two hours. Automatic cycling improves cell yields in certain conditions particularly during the attachment. Stirrers are virtually heatless and therefore particularly suitable for use in an incubator. Culture vessels can be sealed for use with pathogenic materials. Stirrer rod design eliminates rotating bearings within the culture vessels, avoiding the difficulties arising from attempts to clean and autoclave conventional vessels. Include detachable cord and plug for 120 V, 50/60 Hz; 2 W. Can be converted in the laboratory for use on 110 V, 210 V, 240 V.

Thomas No.Overall
Dimensions W x D mm
HOLDS Capacity mL (Quantity)Shipping Weight, lbs.
8615G51300 x 380500 (4)11.7
8615G61395 x 4601000 (4)15.6

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Cimarec Stir Plate 230V 7X7
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Cimarec Stir Plate 120V 10X10
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