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MP Biomedicals

FastPrep-24™ Classic bead beating grinder and lysis system

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The FastPrep-24 Classic instrument is a high-speed benchtop homogenizer offering the ultimate in speed and performance for the lysis of biological samples. Simultaneous homogenization of up to 24 samples takes place within 40 seconds.

* Thorough and quick lysis of any tissues and cells

*9 interchangeable adapters allows a unique versatility in sample number, size and temperature conditions

Application Notes: Used to homogenize biological samples. Lyses cells and tissues quickly and thoroughly to allow easy and reproducible isolation of stable RNA, active proteins and full-length genomic DNA.
Key Applications: Suitable for all sample types: Lysing highly contagious samples; lysis of yeast and fungi; isolation of PCR-Ready Genomic DNA from Fecal Samples; isolation of PCR-Ready Genomic DNA from Fungi and Bacteria Samples; isolation of PCR-Ready Genomic DNA from Soil Samples; DNA & RNA Purification; lysis of bacteria; lysis of soft tissues; isolation of genomic DNA; purification of DNA; Cell Lysis; lyse cell wall of yeast; break hard or brittle samples; isolate DNA from virtually any source
Recommended Use: Use with Lysing Matrix tubes and MP Biomedicals purification kits to lyse, grind or homogenize samples for the extraction and purification of nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites and other small molecules.
Dimensions: Height 490 mm; Oval base 472 x 385 mm


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