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UVP UVsolo touch

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The UVP UVsolo touch is an extra compact stand-alone imaging system for gel documentation. The system is designed to acquire gel images with exceptional ease and without the need for training.

Technical specifications and capabilities:

  • Comes with light-sensitive black and white 5.0 MP camera
  • Easy access to the high-contrast 8-48mm, f/1.2 manual zoom lens for adjustment of aperture, zoom and focus
  • Built-in 11.6" screen with intuitive image acquisition system
  • Live View feature with exposure time, zoom and aperture settings displayed in real-time
  • Gel images saved in TIF or JPG formats on a USB storage device, internal computer memory or on a network computer via wireless LAN or ethernet connection using USB-to-Ethernet adapter
  • Analyze gels with the included VisionWorks® analysis software

Transilluminator options:
Seven different UV Transilluminator options are available based on filter size (20 x 20 cm, 21 x 26 cm or 25 x 26 cm) and UV wavelength (302 nm, 302/365 nm or 254/302/365 nm). It is possible to control the UV intensity on the single wavelength models. Image acquisition should always be done at maximum UV intensity with the switch set on ‘High’. For cutting samples out of gels it is recommended to reduce the UV intensity to avoid damaging the samples. This can be done with switch set to ‘Medium’ or ‘Low’.

Maximum UV protection is offered on the UVP UVsolo touch system. Opening the front door automatically switches off the UV light. For visual control, a UV-safe gel viewing window in the front door allows a direct and safe view to the fluorescent gel under UV illumination. For cutting gels under UV illumination, two side-access doors are included. For cutting fragments from a gel with the main door open, a UV override switch allows users to deactivate the safety switch-off. Closing the door automatically reactivates the UV safety switch. This ensures safe operation for subsequent users.

Emission Filters and Converter Plates:
An Ethidium Bromide emission filter is included in every system purchase to support the most common gel imaging application. For use of different fluorescent dyes, the emission filter placed inside the filter tray can easily be changed manually. Image acquisition of non-fluorescent gels, e.g. silver or Coomassie Blue stained polyacrylamide gels can be done with the optional Visi-White converter plate. This plate is directly placed on top of the UV transilluminator. The plate converts the UV light to visible light, similar to the light of a white light table. For blue light excitation of fluorescent dyes, the Visi-Blue converter plate can be used. In addition, a UV to long-wave UV plate is available to reduce the risk of damage when excising nucleic acid fragments from gels.

Analysis software:
The primary application of the UVP UVsolo touch is capturing, saving and printing of gel images. But it is also possible to analyze gels with the included VisionWorks® gel analysis software. After installing the VisionWorks® analysis software on a separate personal computer, users can import gel images and conduct calculation of fragment sizes or quantify sample material in a few simple steps.

Camera/LensGelCam 315, 5.0 MP, with 8-48mm, f/1.2 manual zoom lens
Darkroom features
  • 11.6” large articulating touch screen
  • Wide front door with UV safety switch
  • Gel viewer window
  • Epi white light
  • Side access doors
  • USB ports
  • Emission filter tray
Accessories included
  • Ethidium bromide filter
  • Choice of transilluminator (Filter sizes: 20 x 20cm, 21 x 26cm or 25 x 26cm; Wavelength: 1UV 302nm, 2UV 302/365nm or 3UV 254/302/365nm, 100-115V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz)
Dimensions: H x W x D780 x 361 x 338 mm (30.7 x 14.2 x 13.3 inch)
Wireless network capabilityWireless network capable, Wi-Fi, accessory for wired-to-ethernet connection available

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