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INCYTO C-Chip Hemocytometers (Semen Test)

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Using a disposable C-Chip hemacytometer for semen analysis allows for clear visualization of the sperm that simply wasn't possible before. C-Chip DHC-S02 is a phase type hemacytometer (using phase contrast microscopy). Light microscopy could also be used for sperm counting, magnification x 200~400.


  • Sperm cell counting (bacterial, yeast, sperm)
  • Blood analysis (Hematology): Blood cell counting
  • Cell culture: Cell concentration measurement, Cell viability test
  • Microbiology: Fungal spores counting


  • Outer Size: Width 25mm x Length 75mm x Thickness 1.6mm
  • Chamber Depth: 0.02 mm
  • Chamber Volume: 3 µl


The DHC-S consists of 100 small squares in the large center square. Each small square measures 0.1 x 0.1 mm, with a chamber depth of 0.02 mm. Each small square has a total volume of 2.0 x 10-4mm3 or 2.0 x 10-7cm3.

Count all the cells in the 100 small squares within the large center square. The large center square has a surface area of 1.0 mm2 and a chamber depth of 0.02 mm. The large center square has 0.02 mm3. As there are 1000mm3 per ml, the center square represents a volume of 0.00002ml, so that equates to 1/ 0.0002ml = 50,000 (50,000 = 1/ (100 squares x 2.0 x 10-7cm3). The volume factor is then 50,000.

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C-Chip Hemacytometer, Semen Test
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C-Chip Hemacytometer, Semen Test
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