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BS Series Energy-Saving Constant Temperature Water Baths

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BS Series Energy-Saving Constant Temperature Water Baths

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Energy-saving constant temperature water bath standard equipped with overheat prevention device and electric leakage breaker.

Performance and functions

  • BS200 4 types of accessorial baskets. Maximum 5L beaker can be set after removing the lid
  • BS400 Comes with 4 container mounting clamps and cooling water distributor (optional item)
  • BS600 Up to 6pcs. of containers can be used simultaneously
  • BS660 Fits small and large containers. Up to 6 pcs. can be used simultaneously. Sink level can be adjusted

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Operating temp. rangeRT+5°C~Water boiling point *¹
Temp. adjustment accuracy±3°C (at 70°C)
Temp. distribution accuracy±5°C (at 70°C)
Max. temp. reaching time~35min.~60min.~50min.
Internal tank materialStainless steel
HeaterCopper Pipe Heater (Nickel Plated)
Safety deviceOverheat prevention system (Liquid expansion type, Self sustaining relay, Alarm lamp), Electric leakage breaker with overcurrent protection
Internal dimensionø200 x D149mmL328 x W302 x D99mmL790 x W150 x D102mmL502 x W302 x D99mm
Effective internal dimensionø186 x D115mmL298 x W260 x D64mmL776 x W140 x D73mmL468 x W260 x D66mm
External dimension *³L300 x W364 x H216mmL390 x W438 x H214mmL864 x W288 x H215mmL565 x W437 x H214mm
Bath capacity~4.7L~9L~11L~14L
Power source (50/60Hz)AC115V, 8AAC115V, 12.5AAC115V, 11.5A
AC220V, 4.5AAC220V, 6.5AAC220V, 6A
Opening size, quantity?*²ø115mm, 4pcs.ø115mm, 6pcs.
AccessoriesRing (excluding BS200), lid, clamp, stand, clamp bar (excluding BS200), connector (for stand), thermometer (0~+100°C alcohol type), bottom plate and basket (for BS200)

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Energy Saving Constant Temperature Water Bath, 4.7L 115 8A/220V 4.5A 50/60Hz
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Energy Saving Constant Temperature Water Bath, 14L 115 11.5A/220V 6A 50/60Hz
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